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This is the Variation reference number. Code = VO (#) = Variation Order (Client Variation)

Code = VS (#) = Variation Sub-contractor

Variation Name
This is the reference name for the Variation, not the detailed description of works.

Apply To
Enables you to allocate the Variation to a Client or Sub-contractor. The Client selection has two options, Bill To Client and Use Lump Sum / Cost Plus Claim Method.

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Apply To: Client

Bill To Client

Enables you to set up Variation Payment Claims which get allocated into the Progress Payments claim stages.

Use Lump Sum / Cost Plus Claim Method

This disables the Payment Claims (tab) set up, as your payment claims will be calculated through the Cost Control Progress Summary. The Lump Sum claim method will be calculated on the Cost Centres % Complete in Cost Control, and Cost Plus will be calculated on each Cost Centres entered Expense Invoices.

Warning: Make sure you select Use Lump Sum/Cost Plus Claim Method if you are not claiming in a fixed price claim stages standard contract. Otherwise, you will be double claiming both through Progress Payments and Progress Summary.

Optional - Fixed Price Variation Claim Method

If you are wanting to claim a fixed price Variation in a Lump Sum or Cost Plus claim method contract, and want it allocated to a Progress Payments claim stage. Then you will need to deselect Use Lump Sum / Cost Plus Claim Method. But make sure in the Progress Summary, you leave the Variation/s Cost Centres Unallocated so they don't get double claimed into the Progress Summary print report. This is because you will be claiming the fixed price Variation directly in the Progress Payments claim stages.

See Progress Summary to learn more

Apply To: Sub-Contractor

This selection automatically removes the options for a client variation.

Existing Client VO#

This lets you allocate a Sub-contractors Variation to a Client Variation for a future history note, for reason of change.


This lets you select from your Suppliers list the sub-contractor for the Variation.

Date Issued | Approved

This logs the Variation Date Issued to the Client or Sub-contractor, and the date it was Approved.

Add Item | Edit Item | Delete Item

Add Item

This enabled you to add multiple items into a Variation. It has a Cost Calculator section with an area for you to enter the Item description and allocate to which Cost Centre you want the item cost allocated to. You can set up a Variation (EOT) Extension Of Time to the job and enter your Profit Markup %.

Edit Item

Enables you to view and edit the select Item in the Variation.

Delete Item

This will delete the selected item in the Variation. Once deleted, it cannot be undone.

Payment Claims

Add Payment Claim

Enable you to set up multiple Payment Claims that get allocated into the Progress Payments claim stages. Select a Payment Name from the drop-down list, then select the Claim Stage in Progress Payments you want it allocated to. Then select the Claim Amount % you want the client to pay of the Variation in that claim stage.

Edit Payment Claim

Enables you to view and edit the selected Payment Claim.

Delete Payment Claim

This will delete the selected Payment Claim. Once deleted, it cannot be undone.

Print Variation

Enables you to preview, print or save to PDF, the selected Variation.