These are general user tips.

How to use an existing quote to price a different section of the job.

This is for quoting a job with the same Job Details and Plans as a previous existing quote, but its a different quote with different inclusions. If you want to keep the existing quoted Contract Total and start a new quote from it without having to fill in the Job Details and load the plans back into Plan Scan, then follow the steps below.

Step 1
Open the quote file you're wanting to use. Ensure you have saved your latest changes before proceeding.

Step 2
Go to the SoloAssist Home menu and select Save As. This will prompt you to save the quote file as a duplicate. Make sure you change the end of the quote file name to e.g. Rev1, Rev 2, or v1, v2, before saving it. Then press Save. After it has saved, check that the quote file name centred at the top of the SoloAssist screen has change to the new quote file name. Both quote files should now be saved together into the same job folder.

Step 3
Go to the SoloAssist Home menu, and select Clear Views.

Step 4
In Clear Views, all the SoloAssist views should be default selected to Clear Data Entries. Change the Job Details and Plan Scan selections to Do Not Clear. Then press Apply.

Step 5
The Contract Total in the top right-hand corner of the quote should now show as $0.00. If so, then press Save. Then start quoting the new section of the job.