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23/03/2022 - SoloAssist Phone Numbers

After 17 years of having the same phone numbers, SoloAssist has replaced all phone numbers due to a high volume of random telemarketer calls, texts, blank hang-up calls, and customers using our mobile phones as a text support service all hours of a day, night and weekend. However as per normal, if you submit your Sales Enquiry or User Request through the SoloAssist website contact page. We will reply within 8 business hours of receiving your request, typically the same business day. Our new phone numbers are not marketed and will now show as an unknown caller ID. However, we will still call you if the circumstances require us to.

Thank you for your understanding.

01/12/2021 - Price decrease and increase - December 2021

Prior to the SoloAssist price rise at the end of 2021, SoloAssist has not had a price rise in approximately 2.5 years. Additionally, as you already know Australia is going through historical economic change and price rises. The technology, building and most other industries have seen increasing costs across the board over the past 2 years especially. So to remain competitive in the market, we have needed to change our overall price points for new users, extra users, and user renewal costs. As the global trend in software subscriptions with customer expectations evolving rapidly in the last 3-5 years, SoloAssist has now remove the upfront cost and are now subscription sign-up only. Never before has it been easier with more value to sign-up with SoloAssist at such a competitive price. With technology moving faster than ever before, SoloAssist is also delivering more value than ever before.

Please see our development Roadmap 2022 and Software Version Coming Soon below. We have lots of value add coming throughout 2022.

We thank you for your understanding and support as we all are going through this unprecedented time of change in both economics and technology.

To see the new SoloAssist Pricing, click the link below to be redirected to our pricing page.

Click here: https://www.soloassist.com.au/pricing/

Current Issues

30/06/2022 - No current issues to report

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Status: () All issues resolved

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Software Version

Software version features and time frames of release may change, so check back for updates.

Aug 2022

Coming Soon

Cost Control

1) Expense Invoice PDF file attachments can be added from emails directly using drag & drop.

2) Expense invoice PDF file attachments will be added to send to MYOB.

Purchase Orders

1) The purchase orders summary view will receive 2 new date columns to show the Order Date and Delivery Date.

Progress Payments

1) Sales Invoices will send to XERO or MYOB.

2) Each payment stage header row Claim Amount now displays the combined total for that stage. It's now inclusive of Variations, Prime Costs, and Provisional Sums adjustments.

3) Payment Stages and their Sales Invoices now carry forward an Unpaid Residual Amount into the next payment stage, if unpaid or unclaimed from the previous payment stage.

4) Payment Stages and their Sales Invoice now carry forward a Prime Cost or Provisional Sum (Adjustment) into the next payment stage, if unclaimed.

5) Corrected an issue where a Payment Stage Total with variations and or an unpaid residual amount was not calculating correctly. However, when raising a Sales Invoice it was as expected totalling correctly.

July 2022


1) A Job Leads tracker will be added beside the recent Jobs list.

v2.0.7.8 - 30/06/2022 - Latest



1) Bug Fixes

2) Fixed an issue with job files not opening directly from File Explorer.

3) Fixed an issue with SoloAssist trying to update every time it opened.

4) Fixed an issue with the Update Complete popup window showing when SoloAssist opens.

v2.0.7.0 - 22/06/2022



1) Maintenance

2) Resolved an issue with SoloAssist not opening and updating under specific user cases. Some users will need to open and close SoloAssist a couple times to trigger the new update. If SoloAssist doesn't update, you will need to uninstall and reinstall SoloAssist.

SoloAssist Download

v2.0.6.2 - 15/06/2022



1) Bug fixes

2) SoloAssist Help Centre links from each view and window have been updated.

3) SoloAssist Remote Assistance and Contact have been relocated into Home menu > About.

4) The SoloAssist Help Centre has been update with the latest SoloAssist changes.

Cost Schedule

1) The Cost Schedule Items setup, has undergone changes to limit incorrect use of an item being setup. Please check your Cost Schedule > Work Group > Items are setup correctly and adding into your Contract Total as required.

v2.0.4.9 - 27/05/2022



1) Bug Fixes

2) Performance enhancements

Home (menu)

1) The Home menu selections Contact Us and Remote Assistance have been moved into About.

v2.0.3.5 - 02/04/2022


Please note, it is normal for a few smaller updates to follow a major update of changes.


1) Bug fixes have been applied.

2) The Sample Template has been improved in numerous locations.

3) Performance enhancements have been applied.

4) The loading speed of jobs and views has been improved.

Cost Schedule, Timber List, Job Specifications

1) A group Status has been added to display and select between the following:

Not Included = Auto selection when nothing added.

Incomplete = Manually selectable, and auto selected when an item has been added or sent in from Plans.

Completed = Manually selectable, and auto selected when the Contract Total is locked.


1) The suppliers view now displays the number of suppliers in each group.

2) An issue has been fixed when adding a new supplier.

Purchase Orders

1) The purchase orders, work orders, and quote request print preview has been improved.


1) The variation print preview has been improved.

v2.0.1.2 - 18/02/2022



1) Minor bug fixes and performance improvements have been applied.

2) Auto save has been removed from selecting Home menu.

Cost Control

1) Fixed an issue with Cost Centre codes not keep order sequentially top to bottom.

2) The Expense Invoice auto save feature has been removed to speed up data entry.

3) Expense InvoiceAdd Payment now auto populates the Date, Method (as EFT), and Amount owing.

v2.0.0.7 - 11/02/2022


Thank you to all SoloAssist users that sent in feedback.


1) Auto Save has been removed from between main view tabs to speed up productivity. However, we have added a new Save button to the LHS of each views toolbar.

2) Each views toolbar Group and Item Edit buttons have been remove. All group and Item rows can be edited by double clicking on them.

3) Item row colours have changed to white for easier readability.

4) Window layouts have been improved for easier readability.

5) Multiple bug fixes have been applied.

6) SoloAssist is now 100% compatible with Microsoft O/S Windows 11.

7) SoloAssist now has a new website, click here https://www.soloassist.com.au/


1) Add-Ons Xero Connection now allows you to interchange Organisation and Tracking Categories.

Price List

1) We corrected an issue when using the Price Rise % feature, that the Price List Pricing Date was not updating for items with a price change.


1) Has an improved user interface.

3) A new Files drop-down list has been added to view and select from all plan files.

2) Improved performance to view PDF files. This will change the Calibrated Plan Scale ratio on new plans entered after this software update.

4) Fixed an issue with plans not display correctly.

Cost Control

1) You can now connect to Xero and MYOB from Cost Control toolbar Add-Ons.

2) A tick box has been added to Show All Invoices.

3) You can now attach PDF files into Expense Invoices.

4) You can now send PDF files to Xero with your expense invoice details.

5) Expense Invoices now allow you to add multiple payments.

6) Expense Invoices now has a Status field that show the expense invoice as:



Credit Paid

Credit O/Paid



Credit Unpaid

Credit O/Paid

7) The Cost Control Date Paid column has been changed to Status to show each expense Invoice as:



Credit Paid

Credit O/Paid



Credit Unpaid


1) Variations has a new column called Status that allows you to mark Variations as:






No Charge

2) Variations now display in order from the latest date at the top to the oldest date at the bottom.

Roadmap 2022

Our software development roadmap of new features or products will change throughout the year, so check back for updates.

Coming Features

Estimated Release Q3-Q4 2022

Job Leads

1) A job leads list will be added to your SoloAssist Home screen. It will interchange between the Jobs and Job Leads.

Timeline (gantt charts)

1) This is a series of 3 gantt charts enabling you to setup the original job time frame, edit the live job timeline in works, and workout job timeline projections.

It features the following:

Payment Stages, Stage Budget Amounts, Tasks, Task Dependencies, Milestones, Start & Finish Dates, Overall Job Duration, Cost Schedule Work Groups Integration, Non Workdays, and more.

Cost Schedule

1) Work Groups will be implemented with a duplicate feature.

Cost Control

1) A column will be added to view if you have attached a PDF file into your expense invoices or not.


1) Add an optional fixed amount to the percentage % Payment Stage claim amounts.

Progress Summary

1) The Lump Sum and Cost Plus claim methods will be updated.


1) A deselect all measured item feature will be implemented.

2) The print report will have a consolidated takeoff summary.

Print Options

1) An independent Cost Schedule tick box will be added to Show/Hide Business Markups.

Internet Browser Login

SoloAssist - Internet Browser Login

SoloAssist web browser login is in full-time software development. We anticipate a beta release in 2022 Q4.

It includes the current features SoloAssist users love, plus added features. Needless to say, we aim to please.

SoloAssist is going global, with Language Pack, 2 Factor Authentication, User Permissions, Subscriptions, and more. All controlled internally by You.

It includes all the features you love about SoloAssist + more!

  • Quoting
  • Estimating
  • Job Management
  • Plans
  • Timeline (gantt charts)
  • Schedule / Calendar
  • Employee (portal)
  • Client (portal)