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02/07/2021 - General

SoloAssist has had some huge upgrades this year, and lots more is coming!

28/06/2021 - SoloAssist Makeover

SoloAssist is getting a makeover. A fresh new look is coming to our website and software!

27/05/2021 - SoloAssist v2.0 - New Browser Login

SoloAssist v2.0 browser login is in full-time software development. We anticipate a beta release in December 2021 and a full release by June 2022.

With technology changes and its rapid adoption throughout the Australian building industry. Our client requirements have become the driving force to build our new SoloAssist browser login software version v2.0. It includes the current features SoloAssist users love, plus added features from client product feedback. Needless to say, we aim to please!

Also, SoloAssist v2.0 is going global, with a Language Pack, 2 Factor Authentication, User Permissions, Subscriptions, and more. All controlled internally by You (the user).

Please check back throughout the year to see our latest news posts of its features and screenshots.

(See the bottom of this page, to learn more).

Software Version

The software version (Coming Soon) date shown below is an estimate only. The software features and time frames of release may change. Check back for updates.

Up Coming Features

Not In Progress

1) Employee Labour will be implemented with expand and collapse Employee groups.

2) Employee Labour rates will be editable mid job, without changing the existing rates previously entered.

3) Cost ScheduleWork Groups will be implemented with a copy/duplicate feature.

4) Cost Control Expense Invoices, now allows you to attach and view Expense Invoices in PDF file format.

5) Cost ControlExpense Invoices, now allows you to send the attached suppliers invoice to Xero.

6) The Progress Payments Sales Invoices will be optional to send to Xero Accounting.

7) The Progress SummaryLump Sum & Cost Plus claim methods will be updated.

8) Plan Scan has a new plans selection list. It allows you to view more plans at once to select from.

9) The Plan Scan print report, now has a Take-off Summary. This combines all the plans items measured into a single combined summary print report.

10) New Feature!

A job Timeline (Gantt Chart) is being implemented. This features Payment Stages, Tasks, Task Dependencies, Milestones, Start & Finish Dates, Overall Job Duration, Work Groups and Payment Stages integration, Calendar and Workday Settings, and more!

(Approx release date: Nov-Dec 2021).

Coming Soon - 2/08/2021 to 9/08/2021

In Progress

1) General

The SoloAssist user interface has been visually improved. The SoloAssist logo, icons, and colour scheme, have been updated.

The SoloAssist website and Help Centre will also be updated over the next coming months.

We hope you enjoy our new look!

2) General

SoloAssist now auto saves your work every 15 minutes. It also saves automatically when interchanging tab views, or opening and closing Plan Scan or the Price List. The small 'Save' and 'Print' icons in the top left-hand corner of the screen, have been removed.

3) General

A Print button, now has been added to each views toolbar.

4) General

All group heading rows are now larger and have changed colour. They now show each groups sub total amounts.

5) The green status icon for included is now blue.

6) In the Home (menu) ► Welcome list, we have removed the 'Open Sample Template' option. However, it can still be accessed from 'Start New Quote'.

7) The Home (menu) ► Recent list heading, has been changed to Jobs.

8) The Home (menu) ► Jobs list, now has a Job Search box.

9) The Home (menu) ► Welcome and Jobs, now has a Help Centre button.

10) The Contract Total Display Site address, has been changed to the Job file name. It now has a drop-down list allowing you to search and interchange quotes or jobs without changing views or having to go back to the Home (menu) Jobs list.

User Tips

a) It's now instantaneous to compare different job views, without leaving the current tab view.

b) Now you can enter Expense Invoices into multiple jobs without leaving the Cost Control view. Simply interchange the job in the Contract Total DisplayJob drop-down list. This will significantly speed up your bookkeeping time.

11) Job Specifications now shows item Specifications in multi-line wrapping text.

12) The Job Specifications print report, had an issue when entering a massive block of specifications text. This is fixed.

13) Cost Control now has a Date Due column for Expense Invoices.

14) Cost ControlCost Centres, now expand and collapse separately showing and hiding their Expense Invoices.

15) Cost Control Cost Centres, can now merge into another Cost Centre. This will reallocate any Cost Schedule Item Cost Centre links, and its Budget Override amount (if applicable) to the merged Cost Centre.

16) Cost Control now has a delete column, which enables you to delete multiple Cost Centres and or Expense Invoices.

17) Progress PaymentsPayment Stages, now expand and collapse.

18) Progress Payments Payment Stages, now shows the Description in multi-line wrapping text.

19) The Plan Scan item window, now has drag & drop to reorder the item links to the quote. The small blue up/down arrows have been removed.

v1.9.4.5 - 29/06/2021 (Latest)


1) The Company Setup now has (2) Trade License # fields, for builders with (2) trade license numbers.

2) The Cost Schedule Work Groups now expand and collapse.

3) The Cost Schedule now has a chevron (arrow) in the header bar to Open All or Close All Work Groups.

4) The Cost Schedule Items status () green circle, has been removed. It's no longer need, due to the new consolidated Item status functionality changes. All items setup with an 'Auto Quantity' and have a Quantity but are turned OFF, will now show with a grey circle with a white tick () .

5) The Cost ScheduleExport to CSV, now includes each items Material and Labour Cost Centre names.

6) The Timber List Groups now expand and collapse.

7) The Timber List now has a chevron (arrow) in the header bar to Open All or Close All groups.

8) The Job Specifications Groups now expand and collapse.

9) The Job Specifications now has a chevron (arrow) in the header bar to Open All or Close All groups.

10) When sending item quantities from Plan Scan into the Cost Schedule, Timber List or Job Specifications. It now automatically opens/expands the groups that have receive a quantity from Plan Scan. This allows you to check the included items faster.

User Tip: Close all groups, before sending a quantity from Plan Scan. This allows you to quickly check the included items in your quote faster.

11) In Job Specifications, when a quantity has been removed, it now automatically turns the item OFF.

12) The Progress SummaryCost Plus print report now displays the Expense Invoice number after the Supplier name.

13) The Progress SummaryPrint reports now display the dollar amounts aligned to the right-hand side.

14) The Print Options ► print report margins and column spacing have been improved.

15) The Print report for Cost Schedule Items with a QTY Calculator, now shows a quantity.

16) The Cost SchedulePrint reports have been improved.

17) The Print reports ► Front PageTitle, Acceptance Signatory, and Terms of Trade headings, have been updated.

18) The Cost ScheduleLinks ReportsCost Centre Links Report has been fixed. When double clicking on an Item to find it, it now opens the item for you to select its Material or Labour Cost Centres.

19) Visual and speed enhancements have been made throughout SoloAssist.

20) Minor bug fixes.

v1.9.3.4 - 31/05/2021


This is a mega SoloAssist update. After updating, please check your quote files are displaying the correct Quote Total, Contract Total and Sub Totals both on the main views and in each of their print reports.

1) Cost Schedule - Items Off (with a Quantity, or Supplier Quote, or Allowance entered) now display (). Items now display 4 types of status.

= ON / Not Included (with no Quantity).

= ON / Included (with Quantity or Supplier Quote or Allowance entered).

= OFF / Not Included / On standby (with Quantity or Supplier Quote or Allowance entered). (New)

= OFF / Not Included (with no Quantity, Supplier Quote or Allowance entered).

2) The Cost ScheduleItem (window), now displays the Work Group name it belongs to.

3) The Cost ScheduleItem (window) ► Auto QuantitySUM = field calculator Items button drop down list, now displays correctly.

4) The Cost Schedule Totals, Business Markups and Contract Total amounts at the bottom of the view have improved visually. Double clicking on any of the line items will open its settings. Also, hovering your cursor over the Contract Total amounts will show its SUM = equation in a popup tool tip.

5) The Cost Schedule now has an option to Show Contributing Items Only.

6) The Timber List now has an option to Show Contributing Items Only.

7) The Timber List now has an item status column. You can now turn Timber List Items ON/OFF that have a quantity added.

= ON / Included (with Quantity) (New)

= OFF / On standby (with Quantity) (New)

= OFF / Not Included (with no Quantity) (New)

8) The Job Specifications now has an option to Show Contributing Items Only.

9) The Job Specifications print report has been improved.

10) The Progress Payments print report now has lines dividing the Payment Stages and under lining the Sub Totals.

11) The Cost Control search now accepts numerical values.

12) The Cost Control Progress SummaryPrint, has been moved to the toolbar.

13) Plan Scan (standalone) had a saving issue. It has now been fixed.

14) The Plan Scan (standalone)Home (menu) ► Options was not displaying correctly. It has been fixed.

15) Contract Total Display wasn't sitting correctly in the toolbar and its visual appearance when changing the window size was discolouring its boarder. Both issues have been fixed.

16) The Contract Total Lock, now displays 3 amounts.

a) Quote Total (The true Contract Total).

b) Adjusted (The adjusted amount under or over the true Contract Total).

c) Contract Total (This is the Contract Total with the Adjusted difference added or deducted).

17) Purchase Orders now has a status column to select () Sent or () Unsent.

18) Price List | Live Pricing - When importing an existing supplier price list, it was not updating the Linked Price List items. As a result, both the Price List and Live Pricing text colour coding was not changing. Both issues are now fixed.

19) The Company Setup details were not saving correctly. This issue has been fixed.

20) When the SoloAssist Home (menu) ► OptionsDatabases is set to OneDrive, the shared CompanyDetails file in some instances is duplicating adding the users computer name to the end of the filename. This is caused by Microsoft OneDrive, unfortunately there is little we can do. The duplicated files cannot be used or read by the SoloAssist software which makes them unusable. We have implemented a feature for SoloAssist to remove the duplicated file/s to eliminate confusion within your SoloAssist Databases share folder.

If this is happening to you, please see our Help Centre ► Frequently Asked Questions. We have instructions on what you can try to resolve the issue.

21) In the Home (menu) ► Options, you can now change the default save location of your User Settings folder. Please note, this is your personal user settings and should not be shared with other users.

22) In the Home (menu) ► Options, you can now change the default save location of your quote file Backups folder.

23) The Xero Connection now allows you to send Expense Invoices with a Date Due to Xero.

24) The Xero Connection now allows you to interchange Organisations.

25) The New/Edit Supplier window has been reconfigured.

26) The Suppliers Settings, when using Import from Xero, the Xero Suppliers field now allows you to search alphabetically.

27) The Suppliers Settings now imports both the Office and Postal Address from Xero.

28) In Job Details, the Client Representative tab now has separate Office and Postal Address fields.

29) The SoloAssist Home (menu) ► Options, now allows you to change the quote file backups folder location.

30) Multiple minor bug fixes have been made throughout the software.

31) Multiple popup windows and hover over tooltips have been updated.

SoloAssist v2.0 - Browser Login

Something awesome is coming Dec 2021 - June 2022

It includes all the features you love about SoloAssist + more!

  • Estimating
  • Quoting
  • Plans (on-screen takeoff)
  • Timeline (Gantt Chart)
  • Schedule / Calendar
  • Employee (Portal)
  • Client (Portal)
  • Tender Box (Portal)

New Login - Sneak Peek!