Purchase Orders


Purchase Orders make it easy to send orders to suppliers and sub-contractors. You can send Purchase Orders (PO), Work Orders (WO) and Quote Requests (QR). This makes it quick and simple to check a history log of what got ordered and when it was ordered.

See Toolbar and Related Features below to learn how the Purchase Orders work and interact with other features in SoloAssist.



This will save all changes to current job open.

New Order

Opens a new order for you to add your items either from the quote or entered them on the fly as needed. Orders can be labelled as a Purchase Order, Work Order or a Quote Request. They can be previewed, printed or saved to PDF.

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Delete Order

Deletes the selected order. Once deleted, it cannot be undone.

Print Order

Opens the selected order to preview, print or save to PDF.

Send To

This allows you to send orders directly to your supplier. This option is only available to users whose supplier/s are integrated with SoloAssist. Suppliers connected to SoloAssist are shown in the Live Pricing Settings. If your supplier isn't listed their, ask your supplier to get connected, as this automation feature saves you time updating price lists and sending purchase orders.

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PO = Purchase Order

A Purchase Order (PO) should only be used for ordering material.

WO = Work Order

A Work Order is used for direction of works to be carried out by a sub-contractor or employee which includes labour and or materials.

QR = Quote Request

A Quote Request lets you select items from the quote and or add items on the fly for labour or materials to send your supplier for a quotation.

Email Orders

Purchase, Work Orders and Quote Requests can be saved to PDF from SoloAssist using Microsoft Print to PDF. Once saved to your job folder, you can attach it to your email. You cannot email directly from the SoloAssist software.

Suppliers Item Codes and Rates

If a supplier is selected for an order that has no item codes or rates set up in the price list, then the order will automatically default with no Rates and Total. But if the Supplier selected has Item Codes and Rates set up in the Price List, then the Rates of that supplier will default automatically into the Order.

a) A Purchase Order will only show a Total if all the items in the order have a Rate showing.
b) If you want to use Rates from the Quote in the Purchase Order, then select Use Rates from Quote in the order setup.

How do I...

Add a new order?

Step 1
Select () New Order to open a new order setup.

Print and email an order?

When printing reports from SoloAssist, select the Microsoft Print to PDF printer option, then select Preview. After checking over the document in Preview, select Print and you will be prompted to save the file to PDF. Then you can attach the PDF file to an email and send as per normal.

Add orders with supplier item codes and rates?

The following steps will help you setup and automate your supplier item codes and pricing so they can be used on your Purchase Orders, Work Orders or Quote Requests.

Step 1
Go to the Suppliers view and setup your Supplier details.

Step 2
Go to the Price List, add your Supplier name and link it to the same Supplier details previously setup.

Step 3
In the Price List, select your Supplier name then add the Rates and Codes to the items required. Use the Category and Group search to find the Items required. If you are importing a supplier price file through Live Pricing, you can drag & drop right to left to link corresponding items automatically.

See Live Pricing to learn more.

Step 4
When raising a New Order, select Use Supplier Rates, this will populate the order with the selected Supplier item codes and rates from the Price List if you have previously set them up. To automate this another step faster, go to the Cost Schedule and allocate each item with a supplier. This will pre-select the Supplier details when selecting the items for the order in the Add From Quote window.

Change the terms and conditions of an order?

In your Suppliers view, you can customise each suppliers groups purchase & work orders terms and conditions.

Follow the steps below.

Step 1
Go to your Suppliers view.

Step 2
Select the supplier group you want to change the purchase or work order terms & conditions for.

Step 3
Select Edit Group from the toolbar, or right-click on the supplier group row and select Edit Group from the popup menu.

Step 4
In Edit Supplier Group, change the supplier trade specific purchase / work orders Terms & Conditions. Then click OK.


Do purchase and work orders add into Cost Control Cost Centres?

Purchase and Work Orders when raised, do not add into Cost Control Cost Centres. Purchase and Work Orders can only be used within the Purchase Orders view only.

You can save them to PDF and email them through your email application as required.