On opening SoloAssist, the Home menu gives you access to common features and setup options. If this is your first time using SoloAssist, make sure you've read through our Getting Started to setup SoloAssist before starting your first quote.

To start a quote, select 'Start New Quote' under 'Welcome', then select 'Use a copy of the Sample Template'.


New Job

Start a new quote/job from a copy of an existing job file, or by using a copy of our sample template.

If your just starting with SoloAssist, select Use our sample template. It's a great place to start, to see how SoloAssist can be setup. You can learn a lot from how each views groups and items has been setup.

Note: A quote and job file are the same. The only difference is when you win a job, you lock the contract total.

How to evolve your job template?

To evolve your job template, always start a new job by selecting your last existing quote as your template. This will roll forward any template changes or customisations you previously made. e.g. new groups, items, price changes, etc. This process creates a new job template copy, removing the previous job-specific data entered from the previous selected job. Allowing you to start a new job with a cleared up-to-date template.

Open Job

Allows you to open an existing job.

New Template

This allows you to build a new customised job template. You can then use it for quoting and running jobs.


This lists your recent quote/job files. Left click on a job to open it, or right-click to see its menu. When a job is open, you can interchange jobs from this list or from its Contract Total display box.

Right-Click Menu

  • Open
  • Open file location
  • Open a copy
  • Remove from list

Home (side menu)

Save, Save As, Auto Save, Backups


Saves the current quote/job file with its existing name and save location.
When an asterisk (star symbol) appears after the job file name extension e.g. (.quo*) this indicates a change has occurred to the current open job file. This asterisk will disappear after the job has been saved.

Save As

Allows you to rename and save a duplicate/copy of the job file to the same or different save location.

Auto Save Backups

SoloAssist default saves your quote/job file backups to:

(C:) User > (Your name) > Document SoloAssist Quotes & Jobs Backups

This location can be changed in your SoloAssist Home menu Options Backups.

See Options ► Auto Save Backups



This opens the print options to preview, print, or save to PDF your quotes or job reports.

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Job Details

Job Details

This opens the job details of the current job open. You can add and edit your job details as required.

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Clear Views

Clear Views

Depending on your selection for each view, it can either clear (delete-out) the job specific data entries of the current quote/job open, or it can clear everything (delete-out) the quote template groups with its items of each selected view. If you are unsure, create a quote/job copy first before clearing any data. Once applied, it cannot be undone.

Do Not Clear

This option ensures that no data entries or template setup will be cleared.

Clear Data Entries

This option will clear the job specific data entries of the selected views in the current quote/job only. This can help with restarting specific views of the quote.

Clear Everything

This option will clear everything in the selected views of the current open job template. It will not effect your Organisation details, Price List, or Plans items.


XERO Connection

The Xero connection allows you to import contacts from Xero, and send expense invoices from SoloAssist to Xero.

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MYOB Connection

The MYOB connection allows you to import contacts from MYOB, and send expense invoices from SoloAssist to MYOB.

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Options allows you to show or hide which tab views you want to use, reset deault settings, change the location of your SoloAssist Databases, Auto Backups, and User Settings.

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This allows you to setup multiple interchangeable business details, with your own customised business terms of trade. You can enter terms & conditions for small works contracts, sales invoices, client variations, and subcontractor variations.

Add your business logo within the sizes shown below. This will ensure they display correctly and not look fuzzy, blurry, or partly show.

Logo Sizes

Header Logo (Max. 250wide x 200high pixels)

Footer Logo (Max. 500wide x 50high pixels)

Help Centre

Help Centre

This opens the SoloAssist Help Centre. It has instructions on all views and windows throughout SoloAssist so you can learn specific areas of the SoloAssist software 24/7.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Links you directly to the SoloAssist website Contact Us page, to provide feedback or submit a user request.

Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance

Allows a support or training agent to directly access your computer from another location. You will need to book a date and time for this service.



This shows the SoloAssist software version number and What's New in the software. It displays your SoloAssist subscription details and Software Terms Of use. It also enable you to renew your user subscription and add an extra user if required.



This closes SoloAssist. If changes have been made to your job or quote file, it will then save your changes, then close.

How do I...

Save my work?

SoloAssist saves your work automatically when interchanging jobs or closing SoloAssist. You can also select the Save button in the toolbar at the top. Additionally, in the Home menu you can select Save or Save As.

You can save your quote/job files to any location e.g: Documents, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or other.

When an asterisk ( * ) appears after the quote/job file name extension e.g. (.quo*) this indicates a data change in the file that has not been saved yet. The asterisk symbol will disappear after the quote/job has been saved.

The SoloAssist Home menu Save and Save As options perform as follows:

Save will save the the current quote or job file to its current location.

Save As allows you to save the current quote/job file with a different file name, to another location, if your wanting to create a duplicate copy of the quote or job file. Typically, used for quoting or job variations.


My Job files have disappeared from the Jobs list?

Typically, this is a SoloAssist setup issue. Commonly this issue happens when changing devices or changing your jobs folder or file location or names outside of SoloAssist. This then causes the SoloAssist saved path to finding and displaying those files to be broken and cannot find your file/s.

To resolve the issue, try the following.

If you've changed devices, then you may need to change your SoloAssist User Settings folder location so its reading and saving to the correct location. Check your old device settings in SoloAssist Home (menu) Options User Settings. Then change your new device folder location by selecting the Change button, and make it the same folder location. Make sure your old device SoloAssist folders and files have been transferred to the new device first and are in the same folder location.

If this didn't resolve the issue, try point 2 below.

Try deleting your SoloAssist User Settings folder. This will not cause any lose of critical work data. Follow the steps below.

Step 1) Go to your SoloAssist Home Options User Settings, click Open.

Step 2) In the File Explorer folder navigation bar at the top, select SoloAssist, then delete the Settings folder.

Step 3) Close then reopen SoloAssist.

Step 4) In the Welcome menu select Open Existing. Then open an existing job, then your jobs or quote files should start displaying again in your Jobs list. Now test it by closing and reopening SoloAssist again. Your Job file should now be displaying in your Jobs list.

If this didn't resolve the issue, try point 3 below.

If you have renamed your quote files or job folders or moved either of them to a new location. Then they will disappear from your SoloAssist recent Jobs list. In the SoloAssist Welcome menu, select Open Existing then find and open your job/quote files again. They will then be resaved into your Jobs list.

If this didn't resolve the issue, try point 4 below.

This issue can be caused by your OneDrive or Dropbox auto backups relocating your Documents folder and files. If you turn off the OneDrive or Dropbox Documents auto backups, your SoloAssist Jobs list should start working again. This is because your SoloAssist user settings Jobs list is stored in the following location: This PC Local Disk (C:) ► Documents ► SoloAssist Settings

If you require assistance, please contact your local IT technician.

Error Message - A quote file has become corrupt, has an error or is incorrect?

To resolve the issue, try the following.

If you are working with files from OneDrive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Sharepoint, etc, you will be able to log into your account and locate the file version history and restore the file back to before the problem started.

Alternatively, see the SoloAssist software Home menu Options Auto Save Backups, to help find a backup file that works.

If you require assistance, please contact your local IT technician.

My logo isn't displaying correctly?

Check your business logo sizes are within the specifications below. If they are incorrectly sized, they may appear blurry or cut off.

Header Logo (Max. 250 wide x 200 high pixels)

Footer Logo (Max. 500 wide x 50 high pixels)