The Suppliers view is to set up your supplier's contact details so the software can help you pre-populate the required fields. When raising Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Quote Requests or applying an Invoice against a Cost Centres Budget in Cost Control, you will be able to conveniently select your supplier's details. The Suppliers contact details are also used in the MYOB and Xero integration for linking the right suppliers to the right jobs and expense accounts.

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This will save all changes to the current job open.

New Suppliers Group

Adds a new Group to the Suppliers view. Suppliers Groups are filled with suppliers contact details. Suppliers groups enable you to enter trade specific Terms & Conditions that will show on Purchase and Work Orders. Open the SoloAssist Sample Template to see many supplier groups already pre-populated with data.

Delete Suppliers Group

Deletes the selected Supplier Group/s. Once deleted, it cannot be undone.

New Supplier

Lets you add a new suppliers contact details. Make sure you link each suppliers contact details to their price list rates in the SoloAssist Price List. Also, connect your accounting system in the SoloAssist Home (menu) then import your suppliers contact details from the Suppliers Settings Import from MYOB or Xero feature.

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Void Supplier

Voids the selected suppliers. If you have voided a supplier and need to un-void it, you will need to go into the Suppliers Settings and select Show Group for Voided Suppliers. This will then show as a suppliers group called Voided Suppliers. Then open the supplier and change the Suppliers Group name to the required suppliers group.

Suppliers Settings

Opens the Suppliers Settings to import or export suppliers details, show/hide voided suppliers and set up supplier group specific terms & conditions to appear on purchase orders and work orders.

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Help Centre

Opens the SoloAssist Help Centre to the topic you are currently in. Learn more faster!

Import your supplier contact details from Xero or MYOB, they are required is multiple locations throughout SoloAssist.
  • Sending your jobs Expense Invoices to Xero or MYOB.
  • Entering quotes from your suppliers into the job.
  • Setting up Purchase Orders for suppliers.

Price List
Suppliers contact details can be linked to Price List suppliers to automate purchase ordering with item codes and pricing of the selected supplier. Set up your suppliers pricing in the Price List and Live Pricing to optimise your business capabilities in SoloAssist.

Cost Control
Suppliers contact details are used for entering expense invoices into cost centres in Cost Control.

Purchase Orders
Suppliers contact details are used for Purchase Orders, Work Order and Quote Requests. You can automate the suppliers items codes and pricing to show on orders by linking their contact details to their Price List in SoloAssist.

Suppliers contact details are used for raising sub-contractor Variations.

How do I...

Link a Suppliers details to the Price List?

If you have the same Supplier set up in the Suppliers view and the Price List, then you can link them by opening the Suppliers details and selecting their name in the Price List Link field.

Alternatively, you can also link it from Edit Supplier window in the Price List. Once they are linked, it will show as linked in both places.

Import Suppliers from XERO or MYOB?


The suppliers details have disappeared?

If your suppliers have disappeared it means that SoloAssist cannot find the suppliers database location anymore. This is normally caused by changing computers or the database folder or file location. If you have reconfigured your folders or files on your computer/s it may have changed this location. If so, you will need to reconnect it from the SoloAssist Home (menu) Options Databases Folder Location.

The SoloAssist database default location is stored here:
This PC ► Local Disk (C:) ► Users ► (Device User Name) ► Documents ► SoloAssist ► Databases (folder)

The suppliers database isn't loading?

If your Suppliers database becomes corrupted somehow (such as through a computer crash or a virus for example), then SoloAssist may not be able to load it. In this event, you will most likely need to restore your Suppliers database from a backup. If you have been keeping your own regular backups, then you can simply copy your backed up database file back over the top of the corrupted database.

If you have not been keeping backups, then you may be able to recover your database from an auto-backup saved by the SoloAssist. Every time you start SoloAssist, it will automatically save a backup of your Suppliers database to Documents SoloAssist Database Backups (folder). Check the files in this folder and look for the file with the most recent Access data and time. You can then copy & paste this file back over the top of your corrupted database file. The backup database files will be numbered. Make sure you remove the backup file extension number from the end of the database file name.

The suppliers and expense invoice windows are opening slow?

The Suppliers contact details and Cost Control Expense Invoices may open slower than other windows in SoloAssist. This is due to them extracting information from Xero that is being used in the Suppliers contact details and Expense Invoices.

The Suppliers view is showing different between computers?

SoloAssist uses a database file to store your supplier details. By default each computer has its own database. When you have more than one person working with SoloAssist, you will usually want to use just one suppliers database and share that file between all computers. The easiest way to share the suppliers database is to place it in a shared folder or on a server that all computers can access.

The default suppliers database file location is stored in Documents ► SoloAssist ► Database. To share this database file with other computers, copy the Databases folder to a shared location. Then go to the Home (menu) Options, Databases, and select Browse and change the Databases Folder Location to the new shared location. Then restart SoloAssist for the changes to take effect.

When selecting a supplier's email address, it's not opening my email?

When selecting (double-clicking) a suppliers email address, SoloAssist will open the default email application setting on your computer.

Default Email Setup

In Microsoft Windows 10, go to Settings ► Apps ► Default apps ► Email (make sure this is set to your default email application).

After setting the default email application, you may need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

If you require assistance, please contact your local IT Technician.

An Application Error is showing when opening a quote file and the Suppliers view.

If an Application Error window is showing when opening the Suppliers view, and Expense Invoices in Cost Control, and opening a quote file. This could mean your Suppliers.sdb file (database) has become corrupted. The following steps show you how to create a new Suppliers.sdb file and retain your existing supplier contact details.

Try the following steps to resolve the issue.

Step 1
Open the Sample Template in SoloAssist from the Welcome menu.

Step 2
Go to the Suppliers view Settings, select Export to CSV File, then click Export. Then save the Suppliers.csv (CSV) file into the SoloAssist Databases folder so its located with the 'Suppliers.sdb' file.

Step 3
Close the SoloAssist software.

Step 4
Open File Explorer, go to the SoloAssist Databases folder and single click on the Suppliers.csv file to check in the preview screen on the right-hand side of the file name that your suppliers have exported correctly into Suppliers.csv file.

Note: Do not open the Suppliers.csv file in MS Excel, as it might change the file structure causing import errors in the next steps.

Step 5
Move the 'Suppliers.sdb' file by using 'Cut & Paste' to another folder location. If you are successful after completing these steps, you should delete this file later.

Step 6
Open SoloAssist, then open the Sample Template from the Welcome menu. This will create a new blank Suppliers.sdb file (database) in the SoloAssist Databases folder. Then close and reopen SoloAssist again. Check the new Suppliers.sdb file has been created in the SoloAssist Databases folder.

Step 7
Go to the Suppliers view Settings. Select Import from CSV File, then select the Suppliers.csv file from the SoloAssist Databases folder. Then click Import. After the Import has completed, close the Suppliers Settings.

Step 8
If you are successful, your Suppliers should now be showing in the Supplier view and the Application Error should no long be showing. Click Save, then close and reopen SoloAssist. Then open an existing quote file. The Application Error should no long be showing and your Suppliers contact details should be showing in all quote files.

If this resolved the issue, remember to delete the corrupted 'Suppliers.sdb' file.

If you require assistance, please contact your local IT technician.