Expense Invoice

Add your job expense invoices against their Cost Centre budgets in Cost Control. Then send them into XERO or MYOB as you go.

Cost Centre
This is the Cost Centre budget you want the Expense Invoice cost allocated against.

This is the Supplier name of the expense invoice. This is a required field to enter.

This is to enter the suppliers invoice description of what the invoice is for.

Send To


Allows you to send Expense Invoice details to MYOB or Xero. Ensure you have setup the Send To fields correctly and fill-in all other required fields then select the Send To XERO or MYOB button at the bottom of the Expense Invoice window.

The Send To fields will auto-fill if you have setup the XERO or MYOB connection, and the Suppliers contact details have been entered into the Suppliers view with their Expense Accounts allocated. See Suppliers Settings to learn how to import your supplier details.

Once you have entered all Expense Invoice details, you can then send it directly into XERO or MYOB by selecting Send to XERO / MYOB.


In your accounting software, this will be the Supplier name of the Expense/Purchase Invoice of the goods.

Expense Account

In your accounting software, this is the allocated expense account for the selected supplier.

Payment Account

In your accounting software, this is the bank account you make payments from to pay the job Expense/Purchase Invoices.


In your accounting software, this is the tracking category and or job number setup to match the same SoloAssist Job # number.

This is used for internal expense invoice notes only. It will not show anywhere and will not send to MYOB or Xero.

Job #
The job number should be showing here. It's entered in Job Details when first starting a new job/quote. The same job number should be used in your accounting software so they match. Double-clicking on the Job # field will open the Job Details to edit.

Invoice #
This is the Invoice # of the suppliers expense invoice for the job.

Date Invoiced
This is the date you were issued the Expense Invoice from your supplier.

Date Due
This is the due date of the expense invoice to be paid by.

This shows the Expense Invoice payment status. It automatically displays from the expense invoice total entered, and the Payments added against the expense invoice. This also displays in the Cost Control Status column for quick viewing of your expense invoice status.






Credit Paid

Credit O/Paid

Add payments to the Expense Invoice.

Total Payments
This is the total payments added into the expense invoice.

This is the total amount left owing on the expense invoice, after any payments have been added.

Total (ex. GST)


Total (inc. GST)

This is the total amount of the expense invoice to be paid. Excluding GST, GST, and Including GST, or you can deselect GST if not applicable.

Attach your suppliers invoice manually or drag and drop.

a) SoloAssist only accepts expense invoice attachments in PDF file format.

b) Currently you cannot drag and drop invoices from emails directly.

Next Invoice
Adds the current expense Invoice details into to its Cost Centre and opens a new expense invoice ready to add the next lot of details.

Opens the SoloAssist Help Centre to its instructions and user tips.