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Supplier POS Connection

The SoloAssist supplier POS connection is a real-time integration between SoloAssist Live Pricing, Purchase Orders, and a supplier POS system. It’s an electronic 2 way 24/7 facility to distribute trade account price lists, and to deliver purchase orders to the supplier.



Supplier workflow

What is SoloAssist

SoloAssist is a building industry quoting, estimating, and job management software system. Designed for builders, subcontractors, and suppliers.  Suitable for new homes, renovations, extensions, and small commercial projects. It quantifies and prices building materials and labour of a job. 

Price List | Live Pricing

After the supplier’s POS system is integrated with SoloAssist, trade account users of SoloAssist will be able to download their personal account pricing securely 24/7. This enables them to automatically update their price list used for quoting their job. Purchase orders can then be sent directly into the supplier POS system for the items required, with SKU-codes / Fine-lines.

Purchase Orders

Once the supplier’s POS system is integrated with SoloAssist, trade account customers of SoloAssist can send purchase orders directly into the supplier POS system with item SKU-codes or fine-lines for delivery or pickup.


If you are interested in integrating your POS system with SoloAssist, please contact us with any questions or to request the SoloAssist supplier connection documentation with technical specifications and code examples to ensure a simple and hassle free integration.