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Read Me

Starting your first Quote

Step 1
Select Start New Quote in the Home menu and select an existing quote as a template. Navigate to Documents SoloAssist Quotes & Jobs Quotes Open Sample Job and select the Sample Temple (.quo) quote file. SoloAssist will then open a copy of the Sample Template.

Step 2
A Job Details window will auto open. Fill-in all the required fields then click OK to continue. You can return to this window later if needed.

Step 3
Now save the new quote into its own job folder under Documents SoloAssist Quotes & Jobs Quotes Open. By default, SoloAssist will use the Site Address as the new quote name, which you may want to use as the job folder name.

See Managing Job Folders below to learn more about setting up job folders.

Step 4
SoloAssist will automatically create time spaced backups while you work. Backup quote files are located in Documents SoloAssist Quotes & Jobs Backups

Step 5
Copy your PDF plans into the job folder before starting the quote. This ensures your job specific data stays together enabling SoloAssist to locate your plans within that job folder or its sub folders.

Evolving your Template

Each time you start a new quote, SoloAssist will ask you to choose an existing quote as a template. When first starting, choose the Sample Template as described above. As you quote more jobs, you will find it necessary to customise your own template.

For this reason, it is important to choose the most recent completed quote as the template for your next quote. This ensures any items you have added or edited, or pricing you have changed, will carry over into your next quote template. Following this practice will create a template that suits your business.

Converting a Quote to a Job

Step 1
Lock the padlock next to the Contract Total. This will ensure the Progress Payment claim stages won't readjust if material or labour changes are made while running the job.

Step 2
If you have saved your jobs to the default location in Documents SoloAssist Quotes & Jobs Quotes Open. Move the job folder from the Quotes Open folder to the Jobs Open folder. This will help keep you organised.

Managing Job Folders

It is good practice to set up separate job folders for each new job. This will help you keep everything organised and accessible. Each job folder should include your SoloAssist quote file, PDF plans and all other relevant documentation. If you are using the default location to save your jobs, then you should create the new job folder in Documents SoloAssist Quotes & Jobs Quotes Open

Note: Plan Scan saves a file path to locate and read the plans on your computer. Therefore, moving, deleting or rename your PDF files mid-quote, will break the file path link. In this case, you will need to follow the instructions provided in Plan Scan where the plans use to be showing.

SoloAssist Folder Structure

After installing SoloAssist, you will find several folders set up in Documents SoloAssist to help get you started. Below is a brief overview of each folder.

All databases created by SoloAssist are stored here. In addition, you can find automatic backups of your databases within the Backups folder should you need to recover one.

This is where SoloAssist keeps your Live Pricing suppliers connection details.

We suggest storing all business logos and imagery in this folder that you are using within SoloAssist.

This is the SoloAssist default location for storing your quotes and jobs. You are not restricted to use the SoloAssist default folder location. You may choose to use a different folder location to save your files.

In the SoloAssist default folder, you will find subfolders for storing Quotes Open that you are working on, as well as Quotes Closed that you did not win. There are also folders for Jobs Open that you won as well as Jobs Closed that you have completed.

The Backups folder stores the SoloAssist automatic time spaced backup files. This Backup folder is the first place to look when attempting to recover lost work.

SoloAssist stores its settings here. We recommend this folder should not be shared with other users as the settings are specific to your computer. The Settings folder files can be safely deleted, however SoloAssist will return back to its default settings.

A convenient location to store your suppliers price lists used in SoloAssist.