Sales Invoice

Payment Stage
This is the payment stage for which the Sales Invoice is claimed.

Date Issued
This is the date of when the Sales Invoice is submitted to the client. By clicking on the calendar icon, you can select the date.

Invoice #
This is the Sales Invoice number. By default SoloAssist uses the Job # as the Invoice # prefix, then it starts counting up from one (1) on each job. However, this can be overridden by clicking into the Invoice # field.

Items (tab)
These are the Items to be Invoiced in the selected Payment Stage. Clicking on the Green or Red cross you can toggle between adding this item into the Sales Invoice total. Double-clicking the Payment Stage description will open its settings.

Payments (tab)
This will delete the selected Payment Stage in the Progress Payments view.

Apply Payment

This allows you to apply a payment received against the Sales Invoice amount. The amount applied will add to the Total Received.

Edit Payment

Allows you to open, view and edit the selected Sales Invoice payment. Double-clicking on a payment will also open it.

Delete Payment

Allows you to Delete the selected Sales Invoice payment. Once deleted, it cannot be undone.

Total Invoiced
This is the total amount Invoiced to the client in the Sales Invoice.

Total Received
This is the total payments received from the client for this Sales Invoice to date.

Balance Owing
This is the Sales Invoice amount owing to you.

Withhold Deposit Received
This allows you to Withhold a deposit received payment, from adding into the job total received at the beginning of the job. This helps front load the jobs cash flow to run the job with less financial liability. This feature then gives you the ability to credit the deposit received back against the final payment stage amount.

Note: Typically used in Cost Plus contracts.

Print Invoice

Opens the Sales Invoice to Preview, Print or Save to PDF.


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