Plans (on-screen takeoff)

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When selecting an item unit of measure, keep in mind that some units measure multiple QTY's at the same time. Items can be setup with multiple item links sending to multiple items throughout your quote template simultaneously.

Area measures m2 and perimeter Lm.

Vertical Area measures m2 vertically and Lm of the plotted line.

Count (with Heights) measures a Count with Lm. e.g. 8@3.6, 5@4.2, 17@5.4

Item Name
The item name is the item description and helps you to search and find the item.

A Category is a group you would like specific Items allocated to, and found.

This is an Item abbreviation that shows on the plan if selected. Keep it brief so it doesn't congest the plans readability.

This is the coverage area hatch style that identifies the item with its selected colour.

The colour selection identifies the item on the plan.

Show Lengths
This shows the length measurements between each plotted point on the plan. If not required or congests the plans readability, leave it deselected.

Add Item Link

Allows you to link this Item to other existing items in your quote template. Multiple links can be setup sending to multiple items locations throughout the quote simultaneously.

Edit Item Link

Opens the Item link to view or edit. Double-clicking on the item link also opens it.

Delete Item Link

Deletes the selected item link. Once deleted, it cannot be undone.

Item Link
Send Options

Use your mouse to click on and rotate through the item send options.

= Include

= Exclude

= Override Existing QTY

= Deduct from Quote

Default Item
Save | Delete | Default Quote List

These options allow you to Save the Item as a Default, and add it to your Default Quote List if commonly used.