Job Details

Site Info

When starting a new job/quote make sure you fill-in the Job #, Site Address, and select a Scope of Works heading from the drop-down list.

a) The Scope of Works drop-down list has a feature to auto-save any new entered Scope of Works headings. You can delete them by selecting the red delete symbol in the drop-down list beside its name as you hover your mouse/cursor over the selections.

See below User Tips for 'Job #' numbering.

Client Details

This is to entering the client/owner details, it will be used on all print reports where required.

Print Reports: Quotations, Building Estimates, Variations, Progress Summary, Sales Invoices, etc.

Client Representative

This is the details of the spokesperson or manager you'll be interacting with on behalf of the client/owner. Typically, this is an Architect or Project Manager. If you're dealing with the client/owner directly, leave this field blank.


This is for logging and tracking the jobs documentation, from your first received copies, to any revisions of each. It's a good idea to print the 'Documentation' report, and combine it with your quotation for the client.

User Tips

Site Address

Site Address are required field, you cannot save a new job without filling in its fields.

When starting a quote, make sure you fill-in the Job Details Site Address. SoloAssist will use the Site Address as the quote file Save name automatically.

Job # numbering

SoloAssist requires you to enter a Job # when first starting a quote. It is used in multiple locations throughout SoloAssist. It's used for Expense Invoices, Sales Invoices, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Quote Requests, and the MYOB & XERO Connections.

Job Numbering

We recommend naming your Job # number from the site address. Try using the first 3 letters of the Street or Road name, then followed by its number.


383 Stone Grove Rd
Job #: STO383
43 Hurston Bridge Rd
Job #: HUR43
126 Newberry St
Job #: NEW126

() Use alphabetical characters first, then numbers. This helps for job name searching at a later date.

() Related it to the job. This makes it easy to remember.

() It needs to be unique for each job.

() Keep it short. This makes it easier to remember and entering onto Purchase Orders at the (e.g. Hardware Store).

Sales Invoices

SoloAssist Progress Payments Sale Invoices automatically use the Job number as part of the Invoice number. This makes it easy to identify and reconcile client payments to your bank statement.

Note: SoloAssist Sale Invoice numbering can be manually overridden (if required).