Cost Centre


What is a Cost Centre?

Cost Centres are consolidated total budgets for specific job allowances. They are typically allocated to a type of materials supply or sub-contractor to form separate budgets for running the job. This makes it easy to apply job expense invoices to track profits and losses per cost centre, and the overall job.

This is the Cost Centre Code number. Cost Centres are ordered vertically top to bottom by their Code number.

Cost Centre
A Cost Centre name represents a specific supplier and or sub-contractor types total budget for the job. It is built-up of material and or labour supply cost items allocated from the Cost Schedule.

% Complete
The % Complete is used to workout the Projected Cost to complete a job Cost Centre. It's also used by the Progress Summary Lump Sum claim method to calculate the current claim amount payable.

See Progress Summary to learn more

Claim Amount
The Claim Amount is used in the Progress Summary. It is calculated from the % Complete of a Cost Centre budget.

Contributing Work Groups
This shows the Cost Schedule Work Group that are contributing to the Cost Centre budget.

Budget Override
This lets you override the selected Cost Centre budget with a new budget amount to run the job. The new budget amount will then show as blue for the Cost Centre on the main view. This is commonly used for entering cheaper quoted prices into the job after the contract total has been signed-off and locked.