About SoloAssist

SoloAssist was founded in 2006 to address the growing need for user friendly software solutions for builders, sub-contractors and suppliers. Since then, we have grown into one of the leading software brands in the construction industry. Today, SoloAssist is a dynamic company that responds to technological change and brings it into the hands of our clients in an intuitive way. We look forward to where we, and the industry, is heading into the future.

Supplier POS Connection

Hardware and building suppliers can integrate their Point of Sales (POS) systems with SoloAssist to provide real-time pricing and purchase ordering directly with their trade account customers.

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Business Opportunities

We encourage Australian residents who want to build and grow their own business to support and promote the SoloAssist product range and community, which includes training and estimating services, product sales and business consulting.

If you meet the following criteria, please contact us with your business details so we can list you on our website to promote your business as part of the SoloAssist community support network.

What you need

  • Have a registered business name, logo and ABN.
  • Have a professional, modern looking, website we can link to.
  • Have a business contact landline and mobile phone number.
  • Have experience in building and estimating.
  • Have a thorough, practical and technical understanding of the SoloAssist software and the Help Centre.
  • Have your own office space and computer, preferably with dual 24” or 27” screens.
  • Have a current SoloAssist Estimating + Plan Scan user license.
  • Have a reliable Internet connection for performing remote training, product demonstrations and consulting.

If you require more experience in SoloAssist, try contacting our existing third-party providers for training or work.

If you run a business providing training or estimating services using SoloAssist products, get in touch with us today. We can help promote your business and list you in our Training & Estimating Services.

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