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Xero Integration

Please Note: When connecting to Xero, it will not automatically send your invoices from SoloAssist to Xero. This will need to be done manually in the Cost Control view by using the Send To Xero window option. (See Table of Contents top right-hand corner for further instructions).

Xero Connection

Go to the Home (menu) in SoloAssist and select Xero Connection.

Xero Login - EmailEnter your Xero login Email address.
Xero Login - PasswordEnter your Xero login Password.
ConnectClick on the Connect button to test the SoloAssist Connection with Xero. If the connection is successful, a popup window will say: Xero Connection Successful. Then select your Xero Tracking Category.
Xero Tracking CategoryBe sure to allocate a Xero Tracking Category. This is typically a Job # or Job Name. Always keep your Job numbers or names short and simple. Ensure to use the same Job # in SoloAssist as in Xero, as this will make tracking jobs between both systems easier. Make sure you have setup your Xero Job Tracking Category and Job # numbers for each new job otherwise SoloAssist will not be able to send your expense invoices into Xero.

The Help button will automatically open the Help Centre with instructions on how to use the software. (Internet connection required).

Import Suppliers

From XERO To SoloAssistIn the Suppliers view (Tab) in SoloAssist, click on the Settings button to open the Suppliers Settings. This is where you can import your Suppliers contact details from XERO into SoloAssist. When importing your Suppliers, each one will need to be allocated to a Suppliers Group in SoloAssist.

Note: Your Supplier Contact details in Xero must be setup as a Suppliers to Export to SoloAssist. Also, make sure you have allocated an Expense Account for each Supplier in Xero before importing them into SoloAssist.
See Suppliers Settings to learn more ►

Expense Invoices (single)

Send Expense Invoices

From SoloAssist To XERO
From the Cost Control view, you can add your expense invoices against their Cost Centre budgets. In the Add Invoice window it allows you to send the contents of the invoice directly to Xero simply by clicking on the 'Send To Xero' button.
See Add Invoice to learn more ►

Expense Invoices (multiple)

Send Multiple Purchase Invoices

From SoloAssist To XERO

Send To
From the Cost Control view using the Send To button option, you can send multiple Invoices into Xero all at the same time. This option allows for collating invoices together that have been split up between multiple Cost Centres so they will send to Xero as a single purchase invoice.

Expense Invoice (resend)

Resend an InvoiceYou can only resend an invoice into Xero from SoloAssist if the invoice has not yet had a payment applied against it in Xero. If the invoice has a payment applied against it, you will need to delete the payment of this invoice in Xero before resending.

Sales Invoices

Send Sales Invoices

From SoloAssist To XERO
Note: This feature is part of our Stage 2 release, which is not yet available.

You will be able to send your Progress Payment Claim Invoices directly into XERO from SoloAssist as you raise them. Also, you will be able to apply payments to Sales Invoices from SoloAssist to Xero.

Credit Note

Credit Note (CN)Credit notes will need to be entered manually into Xero.

Purchase Orders

Send Purchase Orders

From SoloAssist To XERO
Note: This feature is part of our Stage 3 release, which is not yet available.

This feature allows you to send Purchase Orders to XERO from SoloAssist as you raise them.

Employee Labour

PayrollNote: This feature is part of our Stage 2 release, which is not yet available. Sorry!

User Tips

1) This green tick means that the Invoice has been Sent to Xero ()
2) This red cross means that the Invoice has not been Sent to Xero ()
3) Mark As UnsentYou can change Sent to Xero () to Unsent to Xero () by right clicking your mouse on Sent to Xero () in the Edit Invoice window in Cost Control.
4)Be sure to setup your Xero Connection in SoloAssist, otherwise you will not be able to use any of the Xero functionality within SoloAssist.
5) Expense AccountMake sure you allocate an Expense Account for each Suppliers Contact Card, as SoloAssist will need this for sending supplier Invoices to Xero.
6) Tracking CategoryCreate a Tracking Category called Job # in Xero and populate with your Job Numbers / Names, so you can send your Job expense Invoices to them from SoloAssist. Make the Job # the same in XERO as SoloAssist.
7) Import SuppliersAfter you have setup all your Supplier Contact Cards in Xero, you can then import them into SoloAssist by using the Supplier Settings window in SoloAssist.


The Suppliers & Invoice windows are opening slow?The Suppliers contact details windows and Cost Control Purchase Invoices may take a little longer to open, as SoloAssist is extracting information from Xero that is being used in the suppliers details and the Invoices.
Xero Connection Problem?Step 1) Check your Xero Connection Login details are correct then press the connect button. If the SoloAssist connection window show as Xero Connection Failed, then go to Step 2).

Step 2) Check your Internet is connected and active.

Step 3) Turn off and unplug your modem for 10+ seconds.

Step 4) Reboot your computer by turning it off for 10 seconds then back on.

Step 5) Try turning off the Anti-Virus Firewall Protection so its not blocking the SoloAssist to Xero communication. Then Reboot the computer and make sure the Firewall is disabled then re-open SoloAssist and try again.

Step 6) The Xero server might be down for maintenance, although this is very rare and would not be a common issue.

Step 7) Please contact your local computer technician for general computer assistance. SoloAssist can only help with related issues within SoloAssist.

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