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Timber Rate not showing?

Step 1Make sure you have the Timber Type & Size selected for the Timber Item.
Step 2If the Item is a Wall Frame, you will need to scroll down to the Wall Frame List, this is where it prices each wall component: e.g. Studs, Top Plate, Bottom Plate, Ribbon Plate, Nogging.
NOTE: LB = Load Bearing, Non-LB = Non-Load Bearing.
Step 3Open the Timber List Settings and check there is a Supplier allocated for the Timber Type group. If a rate is still not showing, then double click on the item to open the Price List. The Price List should then open with the item pre-selected ready for you to enter a Rate for it. Make sure the Price List Supplier selected is correct, then enter the Rate for the Item. Then click the price list close button. Then click OK to close the Timber List Settings. The Timber List item should now be showing a Rate.

Timber Type or Size not found?

1Check the Price List has the Timber Group Item type and size you require? If it does, then all you need to do is allocate the Timber Type to your Timber List Timber Group which is done in the Timber List Settings ► Allocate Timber Groups

If you cannot find the Timber Item using the Price List search, then you will need to add the New Item into a Timber Group. Click into a Timber Group, then click the New Item button, then enter its Description, Rate & Unit.

Example: Price List ► Category (Timber) ► Group (Pine MGP12) ► Item sizes will show listed

See Timber List Settings to learn more ►
2If the Price List doesn't have the Timber Group or Item setup you will need to follow these steps:

Go to the Price List ► Category (Timber) ► (Skip this step if already existing) Add New Group ► Add New Item ► Then go to the Timber List Settings ► Allocate Timber Groups ► Find the Timber List Group ► Then tick the Timber Groups you want included for each Timber List Group selection.

NOTE: Timber Group selections will only show if they have been setup in the Price List Timber Category only.

See Timber List Settings to learn more ►

Allocate Timber Types to Timber List Groups

1You can allocate Timber Types to Timber Group selections in Timber List Settings ► Allocate Timber Groups.
See Timber List Settings to learn more ►

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