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Timber List Settings

The Timber List Settings, can only link to Price List Category's that have been setup to Link to the Timber List. This then allows you to select which Supplier Rates you want to use for each Timber Type group, and allocate which Timber Types & Sizes you want in your default selections for each Timber List Group.

Allocate SuppliersAllocate Suppliers allows you allocate which Price List Suppliers Rates you want to use for each Timber Type group. Just select the required supplier from the drop down list next to each Timber Type group name. If you haven't allocated a suppliers name for each Timber Type group, it will automatically default to Generic Rates which is the SoloAssist default supplier name in the Price List. Selecting a supplier for each Timber Type group will populate the Rates of that supplier for each Timber Type, which will become the new default Rates when selecting your Timber Types and Sizes on the Timber List.

Edit Timber Type Items (Descriptions & Rates)
Double clicking on a Timber Item will automatically open the Price List with the Item pre selected ready for you to edit its Description or Rate. This will also allow you to add new items if required.
Make sure you add your suppliers and their pricing into the Price List and keep it updated. This will ensure accurate pricing for your quotes and jobs.
Allocate Timber GroupsAllocate Timber Groups allows you to setup default selections of Timber Types for Timber Groups on the Timber List. This will populate the Timber List Groups with the Timber Types and Sizes required. By selecting tick boxes of the Timber Types you want included for each Timber Group, this will setup your default selections in the Timber Type & Size drop down lists on the Timber List.

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