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Timber List - Item

Timber Item

ItemThis is the Item name.
DefaultThis option is used to setup a normal typical row not linked to any other Timber Item.
Sub Group RowThis option is used to create a blank row that can also be used as a sub-heading row.
Send this Item's QTY to other ItemsThis option is used as a permission to send its (QTY) quantity from this item to another item within the same Group. It allows another items relationship to link to this item as its selection.
Receive this Item's QTY from other ItemsThis option is used as a permission to setup this Item to Add Relationship links to other items within the same Group to calculate a Timber QTY for this Item.
Wall Frame Component
Add Item Link
This allows you to add a new Item Link to Receive a QTY from another Item setup as a Send QTY, this will then calculate its QTY from the QTY/Lm and Stud Length entered.
(Used for working out Wall Frame quantities only).
Wall Frame Component
Remove Item Link
This allows you to Remove an existing Item Link.
Receive Lm FromThis is used to link for selecting the Timber Item QTY to receive to substitute into the calculation for Total Lm.
QTY / LmThis is a value (number) to help calculate the Qty of this equation. E.g 3.2 Studs Per Lm for 450ctrs, 2.5 Studs Per Lm for 600 Ctrs. Note: 3.2 & 2.5 are estimated averages to help quantify the Items Total Lm required.
Stud LengthThis is for entering the timber length you need for the calculation. e.g. Wall Height, OR the required timber length you require for the Supply or Purchase Order.
Total LmThis is the equation Total Lm.

E.g. Wall Frame (Ground Floor)
Supply - Wall Frame (Stick) LB 450 Ctrs 2700mm High ► Type & Size - Pine MGP12 90 x 35 ► QTY 100 Lm

LB Wall Studs
675 Lm = Wall 100 Lm ( x ) 2.5 studs per Lm ( x ) 2.7 Lm stud length

Total Lm = Wall Lm (multiplied by) QTY / Lm (multiplied by) stud length

User Tips

Adding an Item LinkThe Add Item Link, is only used for the Wall Frame List Items.
Edit Timber RateSee Timber List ► Edit Timber Rates ►

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