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My Suppliers have disappeared?If your suppliers have disappeared it means that SoloAssist cannot find the suppliers database location anymore. This is normally caused by changing computers or the database folder or file location. If you have reconfigured your folders or files on your computer/s it may have changed this location. If so, you will need to reconnect it from the SoloAssist Home (menu) > Options > Databases Folder Location (Browse to reconnect it).

The SoloAssist database default location is stored here:
This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Users > (Your Name) > Documents > SoloAssist > Databases (folder)
My Suppliers Database cannot be loaded?If your Suppliers database becomes corrupted somehow (such as through a computer crash or a virus for example), then SoloAssist may not be able to load it any longer. If this happens, you will most likely need to restore your Suppliers database from a backup. If you have been keeping your own regular backups, then you can simply copy your backed up database file back over the top of the corrupted database.

If however, you have not been keeping backups, then you may be able to recover your database from an auto-backup saved by the software. Every time you start SoloAssist, it will automatically save a backup of your Suppliers database to the Documents/SoloAssist/Database/Backups folder. Please check the files in this folder and look for the file with the most recent Access data and time. You can then copy this file back over the top of your corrupted database file. The backup database files will be numbered. Be sure to remove the number from the end of the database file name.

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