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The purpose of the Suppliers view is to setup your suppliers contact details so the software can help you pre-populate the required fields. When raising Purchase Orders, Work Orders and Quote Requests or applying an Invoice against a Cost Centres Budget in Cost Control, you will be able to conveniently select your suppliers details. The Suppliers contact details are also used in the MYOB and XERO integration for linking the right suppliers to the right jobs and expense accounts.


New GroupThis button allows you to add a New Trade Group and trade specific Terms & Conditions that will appear on the Purchase Orders and Work Orders. (This is set to print by default if populated).
Edit GroupThis button allows you to Edit a Trade Groups Name and Terms & Conditions. The Trade Groups Terms & Conditions will appear on the Purchase Orders & Work Orders when raised.
Delete GroupThis button allows you to Delete a Trade Group. Once this action has been done, it cannot be undone.
New SupplierThis button allows you to add a New Suppliers details to the Trade Group contacts list.
Edit SupplierThis button allows you to edit a Suppliers details.
Void SupplierVoiding a supplier will archive the selected suppliers to a Voided group in the Suppliers view. The Voided suppliers group can be set to Show or Hide in the Suppliers Settings.
SettingsThis opens the Suppliers Settings, which allows you to Import/Export Suppliers, Show/Hide the Voided Supplier group and setup specific Terms & Conditions for each supplier group which will auto default to show on each trade groups Purchase and Work Orders.

The Help button opens the SoloAssist Help Centre with instructions on how to use the software. (Internet connection required).

Suppliers (columns)

These tick boxes are used for deleting groups or voiding suppliers.
GroupsThese are the supplier groups and business names.
Sent PlansTicking these box's indicates which trades you've sent Plans to.
QuotedTicking these box's indicates you've received a Quote back from these Suppliers.

New / Edit Supplier

Price List LinkThis is used to link a Price List supplier to their contact details. This is used for automating the selection of a preferred suppliers pricing for the Cost Schedule. When raising a purchase order it will then automatically select this supplier for the order as well.
The preferred Price List Supplier selection is found in the Cost Schedule ► Link Reports ► Price List Links
See Cost Schedule Link Reports to learn more ►
Bank DetailsThis is the Bank Account details of the supplier for their payments receivable.
MYOB / XEROOnce you have connected to MYOB or XERO in the Home menu, then this option will become active. This is used for setting up a link for sending your job expense invoices from Cost Control directly to MYOB or XERO from SoloAssist.

Voided Suppliers

When suppliers have been voided, they get archived to a Voided supplier group. The Voided suppliers group can be set to Show/Hide in the Suppliers Settings. This group will only appear in the Supplier view when selected as Show Voided Suppliers in the Suppliers Settings.

Import / Export Suppliers

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