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Save / Save As / Backups

SaveSave is used for saving the current Quote/Job file with the existing name and location to where it is currently stored.

.quo is the Quote file extension. When the Asterisk (star symbol) appears after the quote file extension, this indicates that a change has been made to the current Quote/Job file and has not yet been saved. So be sure to check for the Asterisk and if it appears then click the save button. The Asterisk will disappear after your quote has been saved.
Save AsSave As allows you to rename the Quote/Job file and save it to a new location. This can be used for creating a duplicate copy of the Quote/Job. Commonly renamed with the same job name but adding v2 or v3. E.g Version 1, Version 2.
Auto Save BackupsSee Options ► Backups to learn more ►

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