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QTY Calculator

Concrete Calculator (m3)

The QTY Calculator is used to calculate the volume of concrete required for Edge Beams, Internal Beams, Piers and Pad Footings.

Note: A Concrete Slab area thickness volume will calculate from a Work Groups Item on the Cost Schedule using its Auto QTY equation within the item. See Cost Schedule Items to learn more ►

DescriptionThe Description field is typically the name and or size of the Item required.
Length (Lm)The Length field is used to enter the required quantity takeoff of the Item.
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
The Width and Height fields are used to enter the dimensions of the Item required in which the Length will be used to calculate the Volume.
Unit m3
The Total column will show the Total Volume (m3) required for each item.
Total LengthThis calculates the Total Length of all the Item Lengths entered.
Sub TotalThe Sub Total calculates the Total Volume of all the entered Items without Waste.
WasteThis is the percentage of Waste to be added.
TotalThis is the Total Volume of all the entered Items with Waste included.

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