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Purchase Orders


The Purchase Orders view is a summary of all Purchase Orders, Work Order and Quote Requests raised for the job. It makes it simple to track the order history of what has been ordered in date order with Purchase Orders and Work Orders Totals.

What's the difference between a Purchase Order & Work Order?

Purchase OrderA Purchase Order is used for ordering materials only.
Work OrderA Work Order is used for direction of works to be carried out by a Sub-Contractor which includes labour with or without materials.
Quote RequestA Quote Request lets you select items from your quote and add any additional new items with labour or materials to send your supplier for a Quotation.

New / Edit Order

Order TypeThere are 3 selections to choose from depending on your requirement. Purchase Order, Work Order or Quote Request.
Order #This field will automatically number each order based on its Cost Centre then count up. This field also allows you to override the Order # with a manual entry.
Add From QuoteThis allows you to select the Items from your quote and add them to the order. Just select the tab views of where the items are located in the quote, then select the items by ticking them, then press the green Add To Order button. Be sure to select weather the order is for Materials Only, Labour Only or Both combined. This will make sure you don't accidently add unwanted items into your order.
NewThis allows you to add a New Item that is not already in your quote.
EditThis allows you to edit an item in the order. A double left click will also open the item to edit.
DeleteThis allows you to Delete items out of the order.
PrintThis allows you to Preview, Print or Save As PDF the selected order.
Send ToThis option will only appear to users that have been given a Member ID and Password from their supplier that is connected to SoloAssist Live Pricing. This will activate pricing updates for the SoloAssist Price List and Purchase Orders to send directly to your supplier. See Live Pricing to learn more ►

This button opens the SoloAssist Help Centre with instructions on how to use the software. (Internet connection required)
Order NameThis is an optional field, used for referencing what the order items or materials are being used for on the job.
SupplierThis is the supplier of materials or labour that your sending the order to.
EmailThis is the email address of the supplier.
PhoneThis is the contact number of the supplier.
Use Supplier RatesThis allows you to use the Rates of this supplier from Price List if available. For this feature to work, you will need to enter the pricing of the supplier into the SoloAssist Price List. See Price List to learn more ►
Order DateThis is the date of the order.
Delivery / PickupThis is the date of the delivery or pickup for the order.
Order NoteThis is used for additional order information to notify the supplier. E.g. Directions for delivery drop area on site.
Terms & ConditionsThis is for adding supplier specific Terms & Conditions to the order. The suppliers Terms & Conditions are setup in the Contacts view group heading edit. Clicking on the magnifying glass allows you to view and edit the Terms & Conditions of the supplier. See Suppliers to learn more ►
Print Separate OrdersThis allows you to print separate orders within the same order based on their Cost Centre in Cost Control.
NOTE: This feature will be disabled for Purchase Orders that are sent directly to POS systems.
POS = Point Of Sale (supplier software systems)
Unit / QTY / Rate
Material Cost
Labour Cost
These tick box's allow you to show or hide the details of each column in the order.
Show PricingThis tick box allows you to show or hide the pricing for all items in the order.
HistoryThis field allows you to manually enter History notes of the order. It is used for internal records only with no print report available.

To maximise the benefits of ordering, setup your quote items so they are linked to your supplier in the price list. This is setup in the Cost Schedule Items, Timber List Settings for timber items and in the Job Specification Items.
The ordering automation will make future ordering faster with auto supplier selection which links the suppliers item codes with their pricing into the order. Make sure the below steps are completed to use this feature.

Step 1Enter your suppliers into the Contacts view. Make sure you link the supplier to the same price list supplier.
Step 2Setup your Suppliers in the Price List. Make sure you have linked the Price List Supplier to the same supplier in your contacts list.
Step 3Make sure you have entered the suppliers pricing into the price list with their item codes.

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