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Progress Summary


The Progress Summary is used for Lump Sum and Cost Plus claim methods. The first being ‘Lump Sum’ which is claiming a progress payment by using the % Complete of works in Cost Control, and secondly, ‘Cost Plus’ which totals the current expense invoices together from your Suppliers & Sub Contractors in Cost Control, then applying your Overheads and Mark-ups from the Cost Schedule Settings to calculate the Claim Amount Payable. For both claim methods it includes a Progress Payment Claim Summary of works complete with a 'Claim Amount Payable' which is typically accompanied by an Invoice raised in the Progress Payments view for the same amount.

Progress Summary (button meanings)

New Claim GroupThis button allows you to add a New Claim Group to the Progress Summary.
Delete Claim GroupThis button allows you to Delete a Claim Group from the Progress Summary. When you Delete a Claim Group it will also delete the Cost Centres allocated to it as well. If you Delete a Claim Group you will notice the Cost Centres will appear in the unassigned Cost Centres List ready to be re-allocated.
(Move Claim Groups Up / Down)
These Arrows allow you to move the Claim Groups into a specific order.
Open AllThis button allows you to Open All Claim Groups so you can see the Cost Centres allocated to each of them. Also if Cost Plus has been selected as the Claim Method it will show the suppliers invoices allocated to each Claim Group.
Close AllThis button allows you to Close All Claim Groups.
Show Grouping / Show InvoicesThese buttons only show when Claim Method Cost Plus is selected. Also, these 2 buttons toggle in between each other as a selection. Once Cost Plus has been selected it will default to Show Grouping which shows the allocated Cost Centres and when Show Invoices is selected it will show the invoices that have been applied in Cost Control against their Cost Centres in which, in the Progress Summary will show in the Claim Group it has been allocated to. Clicking this button will show the contributing Cost Centres for each Claim Group.

Progress Summary (column meanings)

Claim GroupsClaim Groups are built up of allocated Cost Centres which total together to create a single budget. This is used for the Lump Sum Claim Method.
Budget (Inc. GST)This column only appears when Claim Method Lump Sum has been selected. This is the budget total of each Claim Group.
% CompleteThis is the Claim Groups overall percent (%) complete. This percent is worked out from entering the % Complete for each Cost Centre in the Cost Control.
Claimed (Inc. GST)This is the amount claimed to date of each Claim Group.
Unassigned Cost CentresAll Cost Centres showing in this field need to be allocated to a Claim Group so the claim amount for each Progress Payment Claim will calculate correctly. Select a Cost Centre by clicking on it, then click into a Claim Group you want it allocated to, then click the Arrow button to send it over into the Claim Group selected.

Set Up

Payment Claim #The Payment Claim # will automatically count up with each Progress Summary Claim Amount Previewed. Be sure to double check this number and override it if required.
Claim RetentionEnter the % percent of retention to be claimed from this Claim Amount.
Contract Retention (Overall)This only applies to the Lump Sum Claim Method. Enter the Overall Total Contract Retention to be withheld.
Retentions WithheldThis will keep a running total of your Retentions from each Claim Amount to date.
Retentions Claim BackThis is normally used in the last Claim Amount, to Claim Back the Retention to the agreed Overall Retention % Amount.
Description of WorksEnter a brief Description of the works complete for this Claim Amount.

Claim Methods

Lump Sum
(% Complete)
A Lump Sum Claim Method is used to claim a % complete of works. This is typically on an agreed date per month for the duration of the contracted works and can include a retention withheld by the Client or Architect. This is commonly used in Architectural & Commercial contracts in which a percentage % complete is used against each Cost Centre budget of the job to calculate a claim amount payable to invoice the client.

A % complete needs to be entered against each Cost Centre Budget in Cost Control for the Progress Summary to calculate the Claim Amount Payable for the current claim stage.

In the event you have manually adjusted the Contract Total in the Contract Total Lock window, and you're using a Lump Sum (% Complete) claim method in the Progress Summary, you will then need to adjust a Cost Centre in Cost Control to the same difference of the Contract Total adjustment to balance your claim amounts payable. If applicable, the adjusted balance difference will be showing at the bottom of the Cost Schedule as a job profit in green or a loss in red.

See Claim Method ► Lump Sum to learn more ►
Cost Plus
(Job Costs + Business Markups)
1) This is a Claim Method which the Invoices of the job are added together with the addition of the business markup rate, plus insurances. After adding your invoices to the Cost Control Cost Centres you can then proceed to the Progress Summary and select Cost Plus Claim Method to give a report on the current Cost Summary of the job.

2) The Cost Plus Claim Group % Complete is an average % calculated from adding up all the contributing Cost Centres that contribute to that Claim Group, then dividing them by the number of contributing Cost Centres to calculate the % complete average as a Progress Summary % complete.

See Claim Method ► Cost Plus to learn more ►
From (Date)
To (Date)
This will only be an option for a Cost Plus Claim Method. Selecting dates for the Cost Plus Claim Method will only include the Invoices applied into Cost Control from the dates selected for your Progress Summary Claim Amount.


SetupThis button allows you to select between print drivers. You can select your printer to print your document or you can select your PDF writer so you can Save to PDF. When saving to PDF, make sure you save the PDF to your Job Folder so you can find it again.

Progress Payments

Progress Payments
Claim Amount (Setup)
Both Lump Sum and Cost Plus Claim Methods will require you to setup Progress Payment Stages for your Claims. Normally their is an agreed fortnightly or monthly claim date for the job. In knowing what this date is and the projected time to completion, you will be able to setup projected Progress Payment Stages. These Payment Stages would normally be named by the Claim # and Claim Date agreed of each fortnight or month. Fill-in a brief Description of works completed for the claim stage then raise your invoice and attach it to the Progress Summary printout, then forward it to your client.

When adding a New Variation, remember it will have to be allocated to a Cost Centre. If this Cost Centre is newly created e.g. VO1, VO2, VO3, etc, it will have to be allocated to a Claim Group in the Progress Summary to contribute in the Claim Amount calculations.

Non Job Invoices

Non Job InvoicesNon Job Invoices is a Cost Centre for Invoices that are not a direct cost to a specific job. It is an allocation of a general business cost to be claimed against a job. e.g. New Tools, Sharpening of tools, Tagging extension leads & tool leads, etc.

Non Job Invoice will normally stay unallocated to a Claim Group in the Progress Summary so you don't accidently claim this amount when using the Lump Sum % Complete and Cost Plus Claim Methods. This is normally because it is not a client billable job cost. This cost should be allowed for in your business overheads allowance.

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