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The Print Options has been setup with options for you to select view (Tabs) and each of their print options. From these options you can extract the details required for your printout. When selecting a view (Tab) by ticking its box, their may be options available for that view for you to choose between to show or hide certain information of that view.

Document DateThis is the report print date which appears at the top right-hand corner of every page.
Print Quote (Lite)When selecting this option it will pre-select the Quote options to be minimal for the client. However, you can then adjust the selections to suit the required layout. You can also change the Title and Valid days to suit your purpose.
Print Quote (Full Details)When selecting this option it will pre-select the options to be the maximum amount of detail for the client. However, you can then adjust the selections to suit the required layout. You can also change the Title of the report and the Valid number of days to suit your purpose.
Print AgreementThis allows you to create a contractual agreement which we recommend to use for small works only. This option depends on the Business Terms and Conditions setup in the Home menu. Currently, there is a sample default setup for Terms & Conditions (of Trade).
Front PageThis option adds a Front Page to your printout, which you can select a Title and Valid timeframe. The Front Page consists of the Contractors, Client and Job Details.
Acceptance SignatoryThis selection adds an Acceptance Signatory to the quote print report.
Business Terms of TradeThis adds your Business Terms of Trade (Terms & Conditions) to the quote print report. The Terms & Conditions can be customised in the Home menu.
See Terms & Conditions to learn more ►
DocumentationThis option is for printing the Documentation information from Job Details.
Cost ScheduleFrom the drop down list and tick box options, the Cost Schedule print report options allow you to report on contributing work groups only, all work groups or a single work group. The Contributing Items Only option will only show the Items of each Work Group that have been added into the quote.

Show PC/PS Totals
This option shows or hides the PC or PS items total cost in the print report without the Business Markups added. This allows PC & PS allowances to be shown to the client, while still hiding markup costs across the contributing Cost Schedule Work Groups. This option cannot be used in conjunction with Show Costs.

Apply PC/PS Markups to Work Groups
This option is to either distribute the PC & PS Business Markups across all the Work Groups used in the quote or have them Total into the Job Specifications Work Group.
Timber ListThis option is for reporting the Timber List Groups and items. The Only Contributing Items option will only show the Timber groups and Items that have been added into the quote/job.
Job SpecificationsThis option is for printing the Job Specifications. Note the options available for Job Specifications displaying its information. The option for Only Contributing Items will only show the Items that have been added into the quote in this view. Hide Quoted Costs is used for when showing the client a printout of these Items without the costs quoted showing.
Cost ControlThis option is for printing the Cost Control view. Ticking All Cost Centres will print all the Cost Centres regardless of it not having a contributing budget to the job. You can also select the option to show Unpaid Invoices only.
Employee LabourThis option is for printing the Employee Labour view.
VariationsThis option is for printing a current summary of the Client and or Sub-Contractor Variations.
Progress PaymentsThis option is for printing the Progress Payments view.
PrinterThe Printer Setup allows you to select between print driver options. E.g. PDF or Printer

Printing a Quote

Print a QuoteWhen printing a Quotation, you will first need to open the Print Options window by selecting 'Print' in the Home (menu). Once you have the Print Options window open, then select the option called Print Quote. This will then pre-select the default options for the quote report. Then check to the Front Page option and select the Title for the report e.g. Building Estimate, Quotation, Tender Report, Works Proposal, etc. Then select the number of Valid Days if required. Make sure you check the print preview before printing the report. Double check your Quote Items and prices are correct! Hope you win the job!
Windows 10If you are using Windows 10, select the Microsoft Print to PDF option in the Print Options Printer Setup. Windows 10 has its own PDF Print Driver already installed.
Windows 7 & 8If you are using Windows 7 or 8 and do not have a PDF writer/converter already installed, follow the steps below.

To Save As PDF, you will need to install a PDF writer/converter to your computer. This will install as a print driver option for you to select. Below is a link to install a free PDF writer from the Internet.

Note: This is not a SoloAssist product and we accept no responsibility using CutePDF.

Step 1 - Click here ►

Step 2 - Then click ► Free Download

Step 3 - Once the download window appears, select the Run button and follow the prompts to complete the installation. Be careful to not agree to any 3rd party add-ons when installing.

CutePDF Writer will install on your computer adding to your existing printer options. To save as a PDF, you must select CutePDF Writer as your printer preference, then proceed to your print preview and press the print button as per normal. Instead of the document printing from your physical printer, you will be prompted to enter a file name and location to save the PDF file on your computer.

Once the PDF file is saved to your computer, you can then view it using Adobe Reader. You can then email the PDF by attaching it to your email as per normal.

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