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The Price List is setup with 2 (Tabs), the Cost Schedule and Timber List. To get you started, we have setup a Supplier called Generic Rates with sample pricing. Please check these rates and update them if required. Be sure to add your suppliers names and pricing into the Price List so they can be linked with the Cost Schedule Items and Timber List Group Types.

Link Cost Schedule Items to the Price List ►

Link Timber List Items to the Price List ►

The Cost Schedule (Tab) is used for Hardware & Building Supplies and the Timber List (Tab) is used for Timber Items. By selecting either of these (Tabs) you can then search for a Group within that (Tab) then find the Item your wanting to enter a price against.

You can manually update prices, import your supplier price files, and connect through Live Pricing to your supplier to download your account pricing if available. Check the Pricing Source drop down list to select your supplier, then you will need to contact them for your Member ID and password. Make sure to ask your supplier to connect in with SoloAssist Live Pricing, as it saves you and them time!

User Tips

BLUE FontA BLUE Font in the Price List indicates that those Items have just been updated from downloading your Live Pricing or from Importing an updated suppliers price list.
RED FontA RED Font in the Price List or Live Pricing can indicate 2 things? Firstly, in Live Pricing it will indicate that these items have not been linked, or the link between your Live Pricing Item and the Price List Item has been broken. Secondly, it can indicate in the Price List that these Items are no longer supported by their Live Pricing supplier. Two possible reasons for a broken link is that the suppliers Item Code has changed, or the product has become obsolete and therefore not in the suppliers price list anymore. Items in the Price List will only turn to a RED font after a Live Pricing download or Importing a price file update. Also, this RED font will carry through to the Cost Schedule Items and Timber List Item alarming you that this Items Link needs to be reallocated to another supplier and the price of this Item needs to be checked.
Adding a New ItemMake sure you setup your new Items in the Price List before adding it as a new Item in the Cost Schedule.
Update Rates / PricingMake sure you update the Price List Items Rates to suit your suppliers pricing. The SoloAssist Price List supplier named 'Generic Rates' are sample Prices / Rates only. Well maintained Rates/Prices allows you to quote faster with accuracy and confidence.

Price List

New CategoryThis button allows you to add new Categories to the Price List.
Edit CategoryThis button allows you to Edit an existing Category name.
Delete CategoryThis button allows you to Delete an existing Category.
New GroupThis button allows you to create a New Group so you can add New Items.
Edit GroupThis button allows you to Edit a Category's name and Link it to the Timber List. If you link this Category to the Timber List it will then become an option to use in the Timber List Setting when allocating Timber Groups for Timber Types and sizes.
Delete GroupThis button will Delete a Group from the Price List. Note: You can only Delete Groups that its Items are not linked to the Cost Schedule or Timber List.
New ItemThis button allows you to add New Items to a Group.
Move ItemThis button allows you to Move and Merge Price List Items to other Categories and Groups.
Delete ItemThis button will Delete an Item from the Price List. Note: You can only Delete Items that are not linked into the Cost Schedule or Timber List.
Move Items Up & DownYou can Drag & Drop Items with your mouse to reposition them in the Price List. Hold down your left mouse button on the item you want to move then drag it to where you want it, then let your mouse button go to drop it where you want it.
Item ReportThe Item Report shows the Price List Items linked to Cost Schedule Items within the Price List group selected. If any item links appear in Red (broken), then you need to open this item and repair the link. Just click on the red broken link to locate it, then re-link or delete it if its no longer required.
New SupplierThe New Supplier button enables you to add another suppliers pricing to the Price List. After entering your suppliers name you can then select it from the Supplier drop down list at the top of the Price List. Then you can enter the pricing of that supplier against the Items of their Price List.
Edit SupplierThis will allow you to Edit a Suppliers Name and Live Pricing Source (if applicable).
Delete SupplierThis will allow you to Delete a Suppliers Name with their Price List.
Supplier Price RiseThe Supplier Price Rise allows you to apply a % Percentage price rise to a selected Category and Group/s.
Price List
Export To CSV
This allows you to Export the Price List to CSV.

This button opens the SoloAssist Help Centre to the Instructions for the software. (Internet connection required)
Category & GroupSelect the Category & Group to find the items your searching for. Select the Category first, then select the Group of that Category. A list of items will then show for that Group.
SupplierSelect from the drop down list which Suppliers pricing you want for the selected Group/s showing.
Show Items with Rates OnlyTicking this box enables the price list to show Items with Rates only of the selected supplier.
Show Rates (Ex. GST)Ticking this box will Show Rates (Ex. GST) for all the items in the Price List. This will also allow you to enter Rates (Ex. GST).
SearchTo find a specific Category, Group or Item, just type your keyword into the search field.

Category / Group

CategoryCategory types are setup to Group similar Item types together.
Category Examples: Hardware, Cladding, Carpentry, Bricks, Masonry Blocks, Brick Layer, Electrical, Plastering, etc.

Link to Timber List
When selecting the Link to Timber List option, it will allow you to use this Category's Groups and Items as a selection in the Timber List. Once this box is selected you will need to go into the Timber List Settings and Allocate which Timber Group/s you want it allocated to as a selection.
See Timber List Settings to learn more ►
How to apply a Category Price Rise ►
GroupGroups are setup to Group similar Items types together within a Category type.
How to apply a Group Price Rise ►
Cost Schedule ItemsTo link your Price List Items to Cost Schedule Items, you will need to open the Cost Schedule Item window and fill-out the Price List (Link) Category, Group, Item and Supplier from the Price List to link your Items to.
See Cost Schedule Items to learn more ►
Timber List ItemsTo link the Price List Items to Timber Groups, you will need to go to the Timber List Settings and select the Supplier for each Timber Type. This will auto connect each of the Timber Groups of Items.
See Timber List Settings to learn more ►
Live Pricing / Import Price FileTo link Items from Live Pricing or an Imported Price File to the Price List, all you need to do is use your mouse to drag & drop the Item from Live Pricing to the Item you want it linked to, or the Group you want it added to in the Price List.

Update the Price List

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