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New / Edit Text Box

Item NameThis is the name of the Text Box.
Edit NameThis allows you to change the name of the Text Box.
CategoryThis is the name of the Category you want your Text Box saved into.
Edit CategoryThis allows you to create Categories for grouping text box types together.
LineThe line type is default set and uneditable.
ColourThis is the line and font colour of the text box.
TextThis field is for entering your Text you want inside your text box. Be sure to press Enter to move your text to the next line if your text box gets too long.
Use Arrow ►Ticking this box allows you to add arrows to your text box. You can add Arrow's to a text box by right clicking on the text box
SaveThe Save button allows you to Save the current text box settings.
DeleteThe Delete button allows you to Delete the current text box selected.
Default Quote ListThis tick box allows you to add this text box item setup to your Default Quote List for future speed of use.

The Help button opens the SoloAssist Help Centre with instructions on how to use the software. (Internet connection required).

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