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Menu OptionsRight click your mouse on a plan to open the menu options.
Adding PlansWhen adding plans into Plan Scan, they will need to be typical image files. Example: pdf, png, jpeg, tif, gif, etc.
Make sure the stored location of your plans doesn't change once you have import them into Plan Scan. Plan Scan only sets up a file path location to read your plans from where they are located on your computer. Plans are not stored in SoloAssist locally.
Rotate PlansRight click your mouse on the plan you want to Rotate, a menu will then popup with options to Rotate Right and Left.
Rename Plan (Tabs)When Adding Plans into Plan Scan, you can rename them as you bring them in one by one or alternatively if your file adds multiple plans in all at once, you can rename them by right clicking on each plan which will bring up a menu which you can select Rename. You can save time by Renaming and Calibrating each plan as you go.
Calibrate Plan ScaleTo Calibrate the Plan Scale, first select a plan that you need to measure up, then click on the Calibrate button and follow the instructions from the popup windows. Try to use a longer rather that short measurement to Calibrate the scale as this will help make it more accurate. Also, the Plan Scale ratio will not be the same as shown on your plans because Plan Scan has its own scaling system which measures in pixels per metre (1,000 mm). E.g. 1 : 85 = 85 pixels per 1000mm.
Line SnapUse the Line Snap button () () to toggle between straight, 45 and 90 degree lines and free-hand angles.
Move Plan (Tabs)You can re-organise the layout of the Plan (Tabs) across the top of the screen by Dragging & Dropping them to whatever order you need. Use your mouse and hold the left button down on the Plan (Tab) you want to move and drag it to where you want it repositioned, then let go of the mouse button.
Duplicate a PlanSelect the Plan you want to Duplicate then press Duplicate. This is commonly used for duplicating multi storey building levels that are the same. It can also be used for creating your own Electrical Layout Plan or Slab & Footing Plan by duplicating the Floor Plan and renaming it.
ZoomUse the Zoom () to enlarge or minimise the viewing area of the plan you are measuring. Zooming in makes it easier and faster to be accurate.
Default Quote ListYou can setup a default Quote List of items to speed up your process. Just right click your mouse button on a Plan and a menu will pop up, then select Quote List Setup. Once you have a default Quote List setup, you can add it anytime to a Plan by a right click menu, then select Add Items / Categories.

Hot Keys

Control (Key)In Plan Scan you can add a Cost Schedule Item link to a Plan Scan New Item by holding down the Control (key) while pressing Send QTY. This will then add the Cost Schedule Item automatically into the Item setup.

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