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PDF not loading?If your PDF plans aren't loading into Plan Scan or are show as blank or an error, then try re-saving the PDF in another PDF Writter/Converter E.g. Microsoft Print to PDF, Adobe Acrobat PDF or Cute PDF, etc. Then try adding the newly formatted PDF again into Plan Scan.
Send to Quote1) Plan Scan can only send to Cost Schedule Items without an Auto QTY setup (Send to grey QTY feilds only).

2) Plan Scan quantities can only send to items in the quote with the same Unit of measure. E.g. m2 to m2, Lm to Lm, each to each.

3) Check for broken Item links in the Item your trying to send from Plan Scan. Broken Item links should be showing in Red text. Open the broken item link and re-link the fields to the required QTY destination your wanting to send to.
Item Links1) Plan Scan Item Links can only be linked to send to Items that have the same unit of measure in the quote.

2) Plan Scan Item links can't send to Cost Schedule Items that have an Auto QTY setup. See Cost Schedule Items to learn more ►
Straight Line

Freehand Angles
Use the Straight Line option for 45 and 90 degree lines, or change to freehand angles for custom angled lines.
Calibrate Plan ScaleThe plan scan scale ratio will not be the same as shown on your plans, because Plan Scan has its own scaling system which measures in pixels per metre (1,000 mm). E.g. 1 : 85 = 85 pixels per 1000mm.
No Hatching or Colour showing?1) Make sure the item tick box is selected in the list of Categories and Items.

2) If an Item has no hatching or colour showing, then open the item and click on the white Colour palette box and change the colour from white to another colour.

My plans have disappeared from Plan Scan?

1a) Firstly, relax you haven't lost your work.

b) Plan Scan reads your plans from the location they have been saved on your computer. When adding plans into Plan Scan it sets up a file path location of where to read your plans from. So check your plans haven't been moved to a new location on your computer or been deleted, as this will break the file path location link previously setup from when you first added them into Plan Scan.
2To recover and relink your plans, follow the steps in red text in Plan Scan where each plan use to be showing.
3Sometimes PDF files can be corrupt or be a different file format, so try re-saving the PDF files (Plans) in another type of PDF Writer/Converter to reformat the PDF back to a usable file.

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