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Plan Scan


Plan Scan is an on-screen measuring tool, which allows you to take-off quantities on a PDF or scanned image and send them directly into your quote to be priced.

Units Of Measure: Area, Roof Area, Vertical Area, Count, Count (with Length), Length, Length (with Heights), Volume.

How does it work?

Step 1Add Plan
Step 2Rotate Plan to correct orientation.
Step 3Rename Plan E.g. Floor Plan, Elevations North / South, Elevations East / West.
Step 4Calibrate Plan Scale
Step 5Add default quote list or manually add items
Step 6Start measuring
Step 7Send QTY ► Send to Quote (Cost Schedule, Timber List, Job Specifications)

Plan Scan (commands)

This button allows you to Add Plans. You can also choose a Grid Page or a Blank Page that you can use Lengths, Areas and count to draw a basic plan or sketch of the job.
This button allows you to Remove a Plan from Plan Scan.
This opens the Print options for Plan Scan.
This button allows you to Calibrate a Plan to Scale, so you can measure up your quantities accurately.

This option allows you to add a new Item to the current plan on your screen. Select the unit of measure from the drop down list E.g. Area, Roof Area, Vertical Area, Count, Count (with Length), Length, Length
(with Heights), Volume, Text Box or Items/Categories.

Text Box allows you to add a custom note to the plan.

Items/Categories allows you to add multiple Categories and items to the plan.
This button allows you to edit an Item. You can also double click on an Item in the Tree List to Edit/Open.
This button allows you to Reset the Items quantity back to zero without having to delete the Item. If you want to start measuring the Item again and you need to clear the quantity, you will need to press the Reset button.
This button allows you to remove Items from the Plans Tree List.
This drop down list allows you to Zoom the Plan in and out.
The Plan Scan Settings allows you to adjust the Symbol and Font Sizes and turn the Mouse Wheel Zoom On/Off.

Plan Scan (right click menu)

Right click on the plan to open the options menu.
DeleteThis selection allows you to Delete points of Counts, Lengths & Text Box Arrows. Move your mouse onto the point you want deleted, then press the right mouse button, then select Delete in the menu.
Add PlansThis selection allows you to Add Plans. You can also choose a Grid Page or a Blank Page that you can use Lengths, Areas and count to draw a basic plan or sketch of the job.
Remove PlanThis selection will remove the current Plan showing in Plan Scan.
Swap PlanThis allows you to swap an existing plan with a another plan, normally an updated revised Plan. This allows you to check the differences between the original plan take-off overlay on the newly swapped in Plan.
Rename PlanThis selection allows you to Rename the Plan (Tab) of the current Plan being viewed.
Duplicate PlanThis selection allows you to Duplicate plans with the option of keeping the Item setup and Take-off of the plan being Duplicated. This is very handy for duplicating levels of a building that are the same. Do one take-off, then Duplicate it as many time necessary for your quote.
Rotate Plan RightThis selection allows you to Rotate the Plan Right (Clockwise).
Rotate Plan LeftThis selection allows you to Rotate the Plan Left (Anti-Clockwise).
Symbol & Font SizeThis selection allows you to adjust the Symbol & Font sizes of your Items showing on the Plan.
Default Quote ListThe default quote list allows you to setup default take-off Items to speed up the take-off process. If you click the Add to Plan button it will add the Default Quote List Items to the current plan selected. By selecting OK it will auto save your selections.
Add Items / CategoriesThis selection allows you to Add multiple categories and or Items to a Plan (on the fly). This should be done before you start your Take-off as it will save you lots of time.
PrintThis selection opens the print options for Plan Scan. Once the Print options has opened, tick the plans you want to print or convert to PDF, then tick the box's for Plan Legend and or Hide Quantities if required, then check the print setup, then preview your plans.

Hot Keys

The Spacebar allows you to Start and Finish an Item quantity Takeoff. Alternatively, you can click on the green Start button then the red Finish button.

C (key)
The keyboard C key allows the Scissors Cut-Out button to turn On/Off.

Shift (key)
The keyboard Shift key allows you to toggle in between a straight line snap function and free hand angles to plot your points for your quantity take-off.

Undo / Backspace (key)
The keyboard Backspace key allows you to undo the last point plotted, only before the Item takeoff has been Finished.
Enter (key)Instead of selecting OK in a popup window, you can press Enter on your keyboard.

User Tips

Adding PlansWhen adding plans into Plan Scan, they will need to be a typical image file format. E.g: pdf, jpeg, png, tif, etc.
Make sure the file location of your plans doesn't change once you have import them into Plan Scan. Plan Scan sets up a file path location to read the plans from the location of where they have been saved to on your computer. The plans files themselves are not saved into SoloAssist.
Rotating PlansRight click your mouse on the plan you want to Rotate, a menu will then popup with options to Rotate Right and Left. Make sure you plans are rotated the right way around before starting to measure them up, as you can not rotate your on screen Take-Off once you have started.
Renaming Plan (Tabs)When Adding Plans into Plan Scan, you can rename them as you bring them in one by one or alternatively if your file adds multiple plans in all at once, you can rename them by right clicking on each plan which will bring up a menu which you can select Rename. You can save time by Renaming and Calibrating each plan as you go.
Calibrating PlansTo Calibrate a Plan, first select a plan that you need to measure up, then click on the Calibrate button and follow the instructions from the popup windows. Hint! Try to calibrate off a longer measurement on the plan, as this will make your calibration for measuring more accurate.Also try to use 100% Zoom for all Plan Calibrations so you can compare scales to check the quality of your Plans/Images. Hopefully your calibration will be within 1 pixel per 1000mm.
Move Plan (Tabs)You can move Plan (Tabs) by Dragging & Dropping. Hold the left mouse button down on the Plan (Tab) you want to move, then drag it to where you want it, then let the mouse button go.
Default Quote ListYou can setup a Default Quote List of items to speed up your Take-off process. Just right click your mouse button on a Plan in Plan Scan to popup the options menu,, then select the Quote List Setup option. Once you have a default Quote List setup, you can add it anytime to a Plan by popping up the Plan Scan menu and selecting the Add Items/Categories option. Then click on the Select Quote List Items button, then click on the Add button. This will then add the Default Quote List Items to the current Plan selected. The Quote List Items are normally best added to your Floor Plans as that's where you'll take-off most of your quantities.

Measuring Items

Add ItemsTo measure an Item you will need to click on the Add button, then select the measurement unit required. E.g. Area, Roof Area, Vertical Area, Count, Count (with Length), Length, Length (with Heights), Volume or you can create a Text Box to drop on the plan. Lets say Decking? You will need to select Area. Once you have selected Area a Add Area Item window will appear for you to enter or select its name. You can search in the feild by entering letters e.g. 'D' and it will bring up your search results, then select the Item. Its important to note here the Item Links that have been setup for the Item. Be sure to tick or cross the Item links required for this quote/measure. These Item links are setup to send into the quote after you have press the Send QTY button. Once you are happy with the Item setup, click OK. Next step is to Measure the Item up.
See Plan Scan Add Items to learn more ►
Measuring an ItemOk, above we just Added an Item, now we want to measure up this Item. Firstly, make sure you have the Item selected in the list on the right hand side in Plan Scan. It will show up below the list with the green start button lit-up. From here you can either click the green Start Area button or press the Spacebar to Start and Finish the Area. Once you have Started the Area then click with your left mouse button at the intersection points around the perimeter of the deck. Once you have got to the end, their is no need to click back on the first point, just click the RED Finish Area button. You know will have a quantified Area of Decking calculated. If you have another Area of Decking to add on, just press the green Start Area button again and it will allow you to total both areas together. Once you have Finished the Area/s, you can then send the quantity into your quote by pressing the Send QTY button. The Decking Area Item window will popup first for you to double check your Item Links before sending. After checking Items links then press the Send button, it will then add this quantity into your quote. Be sure to always double check your quote!


Include PlansTick the box's of the Plans you want included in your Print Preview.
Plan LegendTicking this box will include a Legend for the Plans Take-offs and Quantities.
Hide QuantitiesTicking this box will hide the quantities on the Plan Legend Print-out.
Select AllThis button will include all the Plans for Print.
Clear AllThis button will deselect all the plans selected for Print.
PrinterThis is where you can select which printer or PDF writer you want to use.

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