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Plan Scan

Setup Plans, Measure, Send QTY

Step 1 - Add Plan Before adding your plans into Plan Scan, make sure you have them saved into you job folder first. Then add your plans. (It is faster to Rename and Calibrate each plan when adding them into Plan Scan if they are in a single file format, if not go to Step 2.
Step 2 - Rename Plan It is best to Rename your plans as you Add them into Plan Scan. (Right click on a plan to Rename). Also, you should Calibrate the scale of each plan as you go of each plan you will require for measuring your quantity takeoff.
Step 3 - Calibrate Plan Scale Click on the Calibrate button in Plan Scan to Calibrate each plans measuring scale.
Step 4 - Select an Item to Measure Go to the Add button and select the unit of measure you need to measure-up your Item. Once the Add Item window pops up for this unit type, then select the Item name from the Item drop down list. If you can't find the item name you require just type it in and press the save button below. Add and or check the Item Links setup for this item are correct by using the green tick or red cross.
Step 5 - Start Measuring By clicking on the green Start button, this will enable the item selected to be measured. The button will then turn red letting you know its been activated to measure. When you have finished measuring the item you will then need to turn off the item by pressing the same button which will now say Finish, then it will turn back to green. If it's an Area your measuring, start plotting points around the perimeter of the Item using your mouse. Note, the area selected will start colouring itself in letting you know this is the Area being calculated. After you have double checked and finished measuring this Item.

Note: When measuring an Area, you do not have to finish your last plotted point on the first plotted point. Just press Finish and it will automatically connect the 2 points together and total the area.
Step 6 - Send Quantity to the Quote Click the Send QTY button to send your quantity's into the quote. Note: When the Send to Quote window pops up, confirm the Item Link selections within this Item are correct. Then press the Send to Quote ► button.

If you have sent to a wrong item you can either remove it manually or resend this item with adjusting the selections to a minus symbol () which will send a negative deduction.

Take-Off Order List

1) Retaining Walls Area of Wall, Length of Wall
Unit of measure normally used: Vertical Area
2) Concrete Slab Slab Area, Internal Beams, Piers, etc.
Units of measure normally used: Area, Length
3) Sub-Floor Units Of Measure Normally Used:

Posts: Count, Count (with Length),
Bearers: Length
Floor Joists: Area, Length, Count (with Lengths)
Flooring: Area
Decking: Area
4) External Walls Frame, Cladding, Wall Linings, Insulation, Painting, etc.

Units Of Measure Normally Used:

Frame: Vertical Area, Length
Cladding: Vertical Area, Area
Insulation: Vertical Area, Area
Painting: Vertical Area
5) Windows & Doors (External)
6) Internal Walls
7) Internal Doors
8) Tiling
9) Bathroom / Laundry (Fixtures & Fittings)
10) Roofing, Fascia & Gutter Unit of Measure normally used:

Roofing: Roof Area
Fascia & Gutter: Length, Count

User Tips

Plan Scan (Menu) Right click on the plan to open the menu options.
Plan (Tabs) You can move Plan (Tabs) to arrange into an order that helps you quote. Hold down the left mouse button on the plan (Tab) you want to move and drag it across to where you want it.
Zoom Use the Zoom to enlarge the area you are measuring. It will make it easier, faster and more accurate.

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