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(March 2015)

Working on the Run!

  • We recommend a 12-14“ tablet computer in which you can sign PDF documents then re-save the document back to PDF after it has been signed. We have found the best so far is the Microsoft Surface PRO 3, 4 and HP Spectre 360.
  • When buying a new computer try to buy one with the following specs: (CPU i3, i5, i7), (8-16G RAM) This will help with loading plans into Plan Scan and faster multitasking between applications.
  • OS Microsoft Windows (Mandatory Requirement to run SoloAssist). If you have a Apple Mac you will need to install Parallels to run Microsoft Windows so you can use SoloAssist.
  • For file sharing between computers try using: Dropbox / SkyDrive / iCoud Drive or setup your own server.
  • For backing up data, use an external hard drive with programmable auto backup times.
  • For Accounting use Xero or MYOB AccountRight (Live), both of these are integrated with SoloAssist.
  • Take photographs of your purchase invoices and receipts and upload them to Xero. Xero has a feature on their App which allows you to do this. Alternatively you can transfer your phone pictures to your computer for digital records.

Hope this helps!

If your not sure how to setup, contact your computer tech and Accountant / Bookkeepers.

Microsoft Surface PRO 3

Desktop Vs Cloud (Software)

Software Type Description Pro's / Con's Summary
Desktop, Laptop/Tablet

(PC & Apple Mac)
Desktop software is installed locally onto your computers hard drive. 1) Doesn't rely on internet connection for access. If your internet is down, you can still work!

2) Most desktop software operates faster cause it doesn't have to access data on a server over the internet.

3) It normally contains more stable features cause the technology has been around longer.
Desktop software from reputable companies is a solid investment.

(Off-Site Server Based)
Cloud based software is accessed over the internet with a online login. This software is stored on a server at another location. 1) You can login from any computer at any location connected to the internet for access. Normally by using a Username and Password.

2) If your internet is down you cannot work? This is a big problem if your using the software for long periods of time.
In Australia, until the NBN roll out is complete in 2030, desktop software will normally be safer, faster and more reliable. However, some reputable companies are building solid products for thye future.

It is inevitable that cloud base software will be very popular for large business's working from different locations.

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