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Live Pricing allows you to download and update pricing from your suppliers 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. It's designed to help update your Price List and Quote with the latest pricing available from your suppliers.

Live Pricing is only available to SoloAssist users whom have an account with a supplier that is connected to SoloAssist Live Pricing. To find the SoloAssist Live Pricing suppliers, go to the SoloAssist Live Pricing Settings. You will need to contact your supplier to get a Member ID and Password to activate this feature.

Connect Live Pricing

Step 1Open the SoloAssist Price List
Step 2Open the Live Pricing Settings.
Step 3Select a supplier and enter your Member ID and Password, then press Connect.
Step 4Click OK to close the Live Pricing Settings, then select a Live Pricing Supplier and press Update.

Import Supplier Price File

Importing a Price File and linking it to your SoloAssist Price List items will save you lots of down time in the future. Follow the steps below to import your suppliers Price File.

Step 1 - Check the FileEnsure the price file your wanting to import into SoloAssist has columns for: Product Codes, Name/Description, Unit/UOM and Cost/Rate (Inc. GST) or (Ex. GST). It will also help to have a category column which will help you search for items, however a category column is not mandatory.
Step 2 - Convert to CSV File (Comma Separated Values)To import a Price file it must be converted to a CSV file format. If you have an Excel file you can use Excel to re-save it to a CSV file format by selecting CSV (Comma Separated) when saving the price file where it asks for the Save As File Type in your Save window. Once you have converted the price file to CSV, then save it to a folder where you can easily find it again when having to import it into SoloAssist.
Step 3 - Import Price ListGo to the Price List Live Pricing in SoloAssist and click on the Import Price File button located top right-hand corner. It will then popup with a window asking you to locate and add the CSV Price File you want to Import. After you have added the file to import, then click OK.
Step 4 - Match ColumnsThis window is for Matching the columns from the imported price file to the SoloAssist Price List column layout. From the Imported Data shown in the Match Columns grid, you will need to select the appropriate column letters for the Product Code, Description, Rate, Unit, Category 1 and Category 2 (if applicable). Once you have allocated the columns, click OK. Then another window will popup called Setup Supplier.
Step 5 - Setup SupplierThis window is used to allocate the imported price list to a Suppliers Name. This window allows you to create a New Supplier or connect to an Existing Supplier. After clicking OK, your price list should have imported and be showing under Live Pricing on the right-hand side of the screen.
Linking Items

(Drag & Drop)
After you have downloaded or imported your suppliers price file, you will need to link the items from the imported price file to the SoloAssist Price List items. This is done by dragging & dropping with your mouse the items from Live Pricing to the SoloAssist Price List items.

Firstly, select the item you want to link from Live Pricing (located right-hand side of screen) then hold down the left mouse button on the Item and drag it across the screen to the SoloAssist Price List Item (located left-hand side of screen). This will give you an option to link to an existing item or add as a new item.

Once you have dragged and dropped the item a window will popup asking you to select either 'Add New Item' or Link this Item. You will find 95% of the time you will be linking to an existing Item in the SoloAssist Price List.

User Tip: If you drop the item on a Price List group heading it will automatically add the item to the bottom of that Group.

Once you have linked the Live Pricing or Imported items to the Price List, then they will be setup for future auto updates every time you either select update or import the latest suppliers price list. When the updated supplier price file is imported it will search to match the item codes in the price file with the item codes previously linked in the SoloAssist Price List, so it will match, check and update the pricing automatically.

Items shown in RED means either, the item hasn't been linked or the Item code used for this Item has changed or the Item with the supplier is obsolete and therefore doesn't exist anymore in the suppliers price list.

Items shown in BLUE, indicate that the Items rates have just changed from the latest pricing update.

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