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Job Specifications Settings

The Job Specifications Settings is used to setup default selections for Item Group specification selections. It is also used to setup the default PC & PS Excess Markup Rate % percentage.

Button Meaning

New GroupThis allow you to add a default Group for Item selections.
Edit GroupThis allows you to Edit a Group name.
Delete GroupThis allows you to Delete a Group with all its line Item specifications.
New SpecificationThis allows you to add a New Specification line Item to a Group.
Delete SpecificationThis allows you to Delete the selected Specification line item.

Column Meanings

These tick box's are used for Deleting Groups and Line Item Specifications.
SpecificationsThese fields are used for entering Groups of Line Item Specifications. The Groups of Line Item Specifications will be selections in the New & Edit Item window of the Job Specifications view.
Item TypeTheir are 5 Item Types to choose from in the drop down list which should suit all allowance scenarios.
They are: Included, Not Included, Owner To Supply, Prime Cost, Provisional Sum.
Cost (inc. GST)This is to enter a Cost for the line Item if applicable.

PC & PS Excess Markup Rate %

PC & PS Excess Mark-up RateThis is used for the Prime Cost & Provisional Sum Excess Mark-up. This % percentage will apply to the PC & PS items excess of their allowances. The software will calculate the difference over the total allowance of each the PC Total overall and the PS Total overall and if either difference is over their total allowance it will add the extra amount into the next un-Invoiced Progress Payment Claim Stage. However, if the PC & PS amounts are under the original allowances it will credit the client back the difference in the final progress payment claim stage only.

Note: The PC & PS Markup will be distributed into all contributing Cost Schedule Work Groups in the Quote Printout/Report. It is spread proportionately on each contributing Work Group in ratio to its contribution of the Contract Total. This way it makes it impossible for the client to reverse engineer your business markup allowances.

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