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Job Specifications


The Job Specifications view is setup to detail in brief point form the Job Specifications into Groups. You can start by using the search field at the top of the view to help find the Group your look for. If you can't find the group your looking for, you can add a New Group. The next step is to either choose an existing item within the group or setup a New Item. Once you have the New Item setup you can then enter its QTY or select it to be included by making sure it has a green tick beside it.

When printing Job Specifications as part of your Quotation, this will show the client the Items allowed for, and weather they have been Quoted into the job or not with your specification allowances.

Job Specifications (columns)

GroupsThese are groups of items for specifications.
SpecificationsThis field is typically used to fill-in a specific specification for the item. E.g. Product Brand, Type, Make & Model or alternatively for additional information regarding the Items allowance.
QTYThis is the allowed number of items for the job.
Item TypeOpen the item to select between Included, Not Included, Owner To Supply (OTS), Prime Cost (PC), Provisional Sum (PS), or just leave it blank if required.
Cost (Inc. GST)This field is to enter the cost of the item (if applicable).
Total (inc. GST)This field will auto calculate the Total of this item type: QTY x COST (Inc. GST) = Total (inc. GST)
Actual CostThis field is used for you to enter the PC & PS item Costs so the software can balance the overall allowances for both the PC overall total and the PS overall total.
BalanceThis field will show the balance of this item based on the 'Allowed Cost' entered. If you have an item allowance but have no cost to allocate against it, just leave it blank as it will calculate its balance using $0.00 as its Cost.
NotesThis notes field is to be used for job specific notes. They do not printout or show on a report.

Job Specifications

New GroupThis allows you to add a New Group for Items.
Edit GroupThis allows you to Edit the selected Group name.
Delete GroupThis allows you to Delete a Group including its Items.
New ItemThis allows you to add a New Item to a Group.
Edit ItemThis allows you to Edit an Items setup.
Delete ItemThis button allows you to Delete Items from Groups.
Move Items
You can move Items up & down by using drag & drop.
Drag & Drop = by holding the left mouse button down on the selected item, you can then drag the item to another location, then by letting go of the left mouse button it will drop the Item into the new location.
Copy / PasteCopy & Paste allows you to duplicate Groups and Items.
OrderThis allows you to raise Purchase Orders, Work Orders and Quote Requests.
Price ListThis will open the Price List so you can add new Items or change Rates on existing Items.
Plan ScanThis will open Plan Scan.
SettingsThe Job Specifications Settings allow you to setup default Specification Selections of Item Groups. This is also where you can set the default PC & PS Excess Mark-up Rate %. The PC & PS Mark-up Rate % only applies on Prime Costs & Provisional Sums that have gone over their allowances. This percentage only applies to the amount over the allowance. Be sure to enter all the Actual Costs of each PC & PS allowance, otherwise SoloAssist won't be able to calculate the balance correctly. If you have no cost to allocate against a PC or PS allowance, just leave it as $0.00 and SoloAssist will balance this a a client credit against the Total PC or PS budget.

NOTE: When a Prime Cost or Provisional Sum budget goes over the total allowance, SoloAssist will add the extra to the next un-Invoiced claim stage in Progress Payments. However, if a Prime Cost or Provisional Sum actual costs Total under the total allowed budget for PC or PS totals, then this overall client credit will be automatically credited off the final Claim Stage. (This is automatic in SoloAssist and should be made clear to the client in the contract Terms & Conditions. This is also shown at the bottom of the Progress Payment view and print report.

The Help button opens the SoloAssist Help Centre with instructions on how to use the software. (Internet connection required).

User Tips

PC & PS ItemsEnter the jobs PC (Prime Cost) and PS (Provisional Sum) allowances into Job Specifications. Job Specifications is setup to balance the actual costs against the allowances. This report can be printed for the client to show the actual costs vs allowances when invoicing.

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