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Job Details


The purpose of Job Details is to log the job information so SoloAssist can auto populate the necessary fields in your print reports. Be sure to enter the Job Details exactly how you want them to show on your print report. It is important to fill-in the required Job Details (tabs) before you start quoting.

Job Details

Site InformationThis is for entering the Site Details, Scope of Works (Summary) and Timeframe of the job.
Client DetailsThis is for entering the Client Details for auto filling documentation.
Client RepresentativeThis is for entering the Client Representative's details. e.g. Architect, Project Manager, etc.
DocumentationThe Documentation tab is used to log all documentation received from the client that effects the Quote and or Contract Specifications. This can then be printed and added to the Contract documentation to be sure your quote and or contract price only includes the documentation shown in this view with any other Job Specifications listed and or previously forwarded documentation to the client. Be sure to enter any revised documentation without removing the old documentation just in case its needed as a future reference. However it is wise to enter a note beside the old documentation that it has been revised and or made obsolete. Cross reference these changes on the printout with the Documentation view before forwarding to the client.


New ConsultantThis button allows you to add a New Consultant to the list.
Delete ConsultantThis button allows you to Delete a Consultant from the list.
(Move Consultant Up / Down)
These arrows allow you to re-order Consultants by moving them Up or Down in the list.
Plan ScanThis button will open Plan Scan.
New DocumentClicking on New Document will add a new row for you to add the documents details for that Consultant.
Delete DocumentThis button allows you to Delete a Document from a Consultant.
(Move Document Up / Down)
These arrows allow you to re-order Documents by moving them Up or Down within the Consultant.

User Tips

1When starting a new quote and saving it for the first time, it will automatically use the Site Address as the Quote file save name.
2Make sure to enter the Job # as it is used for Purchase Order, Work Orders & Quote Requests.
3Quotation & Variation print-outs will require information from the Job Details.
4Raising an Invoice for Progress Payments requires a Job #.
5Be sure to use the same Job # in SoloAssist as your Accounting software. This will make tracking Jobs easier.

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