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Start New QuoteThis allows you to start a new job using an existing quote as a template. It is normally best to use the last quote file you were working on, as the new quote template. When using the last quote as a template it will automatically duplicate the template and clear all of the job specific data so it will be cleared for you to get started straight away. This methods helps you quickly evolve your own customised template automatically from job to job.
Open Existing QuoteThis allows you to open an existing Quote or Job.
Build New TemplateThis allows you to build custom templates for job specific work setups.
Open Sample TemplateThis will open the SoloAssist Sample Template that comes free with the software. It is setup to suit New Home builds both custom and project, Alterations, Additions & Renovations and Small Commercial works. It will show you the endless possibilities of how you can setup a template. Subcontractors can easily build trade specific templates too.

Last Opened

This is a list of the last opened Quote/Job files. If you have multiple computers linked to a central share folder then the date and time of each Quote file will be updated automatically in the list.
Quote File (.quo)
If you have moved a quote file (.quo) to a new location or changed its name from outside SoloAssist, then it will not show in the Last Opened list anymore. Once you have re-opened the quote file from the new location or with the name change through using the SoloAssist Welcome menu Open Existing Quote. Then this will re-establish the quote file link to show in the Last Opened list again.

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