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Getting Started


Please note this is a guide only… Every job is different and as you learn how to use the software you will start to utilise and customise it to how it best suits your business.

To begin, open the SoloAssist software and select Start New Quote it will then ask you to 'Please select an Existing Quote as a Template', click OK, then go to the Folder in Documents ► SoloAssist ► Quotes & Jobs ► Quotes Open ► Sample Job, then open the Sample Temple to Start your New Quote. It will automatically take a copy of this sample job quote file removing any of the job specific details ready for you to start entering the new Quote/Job Details.

Once the new quote template opens on your screen, the Job Details window will popup for you to enter the quote's Job Details. After you have entered all required Job Details close the window and SAVE your quote into your job folder immediately. Once you have saved your quote for the first time, it will then start saving auto backups for this quote file, these backups are located in ► Documents ► SoloAssist ► Quotes & Jobs ► Backups. Make sure to setup your job folders before you start quoting. Note, when saving your quote for the first time it will use the Site Address from the Job Details as the quote file name to Save As. Make sure you use the last quote as the template to start your next quote. This way your quoting template will progressively evolve from quote to quote, slowly customising to suit your quoting structure. Example, New Items added and or edited throughout the current quote will then carry over into the next quote. Do not delete Items or Work Groups if you may need them in the future.

Start a New Quote

Start New QuoteYou can Start a New Quote by selecting from either the SoloAssist open screen or from inside a Quote/Job by clicking on the File menu, then selecting Start New Quote. After selecting Start New Quote a popup window will ask you to please select a quote file as your template. This means that you should always select the last quote you were working on as the New Quote Template to start from. After selecting your last quote file SoloAssist will then create a duplicate copy of this quote file with clearing out the job specific details such as: Job Details, Quantities, Plans etc. therefore starting you with a clean quote template ready to start quoting your next job. This approach enables your quote template to keep evolving through each quote. So by default it will be evolving by the information you have setup, edited and changed.e.g: Price changes, Adding or Editing Items and or Work Groups etc.

NOTE: We have found it best to have one master template that caters for everything. This should always be the last quote you were working on.

Getting Started

Step 1 - Company DetailsGo to the 'Setup' menu in the software and select Company Details and fill-in the required fields and attach your logo/s.
Step 2 - Suppliers (Tab)Go to the Supplier view and enter your Supplier Contacts. Check the Suppliers Settings to see if you can automate this process by importing them.
See Suppliers Overview to learn more ►
Step 3 - Price ListGo to the Price List and add in your Suppliers and their pricing.
See Price List Overview to learn more ►
Step 4 - Link Cost Schedule Items & Timber Type Groups to the Price ListLink the Cost Schedule and Timber List items to the Price List.
See Cost Schedule Items to learn more ►
See Timber List Settings to learn more ►
Step 5 - Connect MYOB or XEROConnect SoloAssist to MYOB or Xero Accounting. MYOB ► or XERO ►
Step 6 - Setup Business Markups
Insurances & Overheads
Open the Cost Schedule Settings and enter your business margins and overheads.
See Cost Schedule Settings to learn more ►
Step 8 - Setup New Quote folderFor an example see the 'Sample Job' folder located in: Documents ► SoloAssist ► Quotes & Jobs ► Open Quotes ► Sample Job. See the Folder Setup below.
Step 7 - Start New QuoteSelect 'Start a New Quote' from the startup welcome screen or from in the File menu.
Step 9 - Plan ScanOpen Plan Scan and Add Plans, renaming and calibrating them as you go.
See Plan Scan Overview to learn more ►

Saving a Quote

Saving a QuoteSoloAssist has setup folders for you to Save Quotes & Jobs into located in Documents ► SoloAssist ► Quotes & Jobs. You will see their are folders setup for each stage of a Quotes or Jobs lifecycle depending on if it becomes a Job or a Quote you didn't win. See below for Folder Setup explained. Before starting a Quote make sure you setup your job folder first and save your plans into a folder called Plans.
Quote File Extension .quo*.quo is the Quote file extension. When the Asterisk (star symbol) appears after the quote file extension, this indicates that a change has been made to the current quote/job file and has not yet been saved. So be sure to check for the Asterisk and if it appears to press the save button. The Asterisk will then disappear after your quote has been saved.
Auto BackupsAuto Backups can be turned On / Off in the Setup menu in Preferences. After you have saved a quote for the first time only then the auto backups will start backing up. It will create 5 backups spaced 15min, 30 min, 1hr, 2hr, 24hrs or older. These will be saved into DocumentsSoloAssistQuotes & Jobs Backups (folder).

Convert a Quote to a Job

Quotes ► JobsFor turning a Quote into a Job, their are only 2 things you need to do? Firstly, Lock the Contract Total by double clicking on the Contract Total, then select the Lock option in the popup window. You will then notice the padlock will show locked next to the Contract Total after you have closed the Contract Total Lock window. This will allow you to make material changes for Purchase & Work Orders without effecting the Contract Total and Progress Payments while running the job. Secondly, you should move the Quote Folder from the Quotes Open folder to the Jobs Open folder. This will help keep you organised.

Folders Setup

Always setup your Quote folders and file your documentation before starting each Quote. This will keep everything organised and accessible when required. Plan Scan only sets up a file path to read the plans at the location where they are saved on your computer. So if you move them mid quote, you may break the file path link in which you will need to re-add them into Plan Scan from the new location where they have been moved/saved to.

Quotes OpenThis folder is for keeping your quote folders in that are currently active.
Quotes ClosedThis folder is for moving your quote folders into that you did not win.
Jobs OpenThis is for moving your quote folders to when winning the job.
Jobs ClosedThis is for moving your job folders to when you have finished each job.
Quotes & Jobs ► BackupsThis folder keeps 4 backups of each quote file spaced 5 minutes apart.
DatabaseThis folder is for storing your databases for the software.
Datebase ► BackupsThis folder keep backup copies of the software databases.

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