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Employee Labour


The purpose of the Employee Labour view is to log, track and allocate your Employee's Labour to their Cost Centre Budgets in Cost Control. This is done by setting up your employees and adding completed work Tasks for each day. When adding a Task you will be allocating each employees labour against the Cost Control Cost Centre budget allowance. This will help you balance the job and monitor the actual costs against the quoted budgets.

Employee Labour (columns)

DateThis column will display the date of each Task for each Employee.
EmployeeThis column will display the Employee's Name and the Cost Centre of each Task it has been allocated to in Cost Control.
Description of WorksThis column will display each Tasks Description of Works for each Task entered.
HoursThis column will display the Hours of each Task entered with a Sub Total for each Employee and a combined overall Total at the bottom of the column.
CostThis column shows the Cost / Hr for each employee and each task cost per day with an overall Sub Total for each Employee. The employee hourly cost should be entered inclusive GST.
Charge OutThis column will display the set Charge Out Rate / Hr and the Cost of each Task as well as a Sub Total for each Employee. The Charge Out hourly cost should be entered inclusive GST.

Employee Labour

New EmployeeThis allows you to Add New Employee's details.
Edit EmployeeThis will allow you to Edit an existing Employee's details.
Delete EmployeeThis allows you to Delete the selected Employee.
Add TaskThis allows you to Add completed Job Tasks for your Employees to allocate against its Cost Control Cost Centre budget allowance.
Duplicate TaskDuplicate Task allows you to copy a tasks information and reallocate it. Commonly used for multiple data entries of the same task.
Edit TaskThis allows you to edit an existing employee Task. You can also double click on the Task to open and edit it.
Delete TaskThis allows you to Delete the selected existing employee work Task.
Time SheetThis button will allow you to print Time Sheets with your logo badged in the top left-hand corner. The Time Sheet has been setup to suit the details needed to fill-in the work Task window.

The Help button opens the Help Centre with instructions on how to use the software. (Internet connection required).

New Task

EmployeeSelect the Employee of the Task.
Cost CentreSelect the Cost Centre budget the employees labour is to be allocated against.
Description of WorksEnter a brief description of the works completed by the Employee.
DateSelect the date of the completed works.
Work HrsSelect how many hours worked by the Employee.
Cost / Hr
Charge Out / Hr
Select weather the task is to be allocated as a Cost or Charge Out per Hour.
TotalThis is automatically calculated by the number of hours times the Cost or Charge Out rate.
Next Task ►This button will log the current task and reopen a new task window to enter the next task.

MYOB | Xero Payroll

PayrollThe Employee Labour view is not yet integrated with MYOB or Xero Payroll. Stay tuned, its in the pipeline…

See MYOB Connection to learn more ►
See Xero Connection to learn more ►

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