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Edit Timber Rates

Edit a Timber List Rate

Open the Rate field of the Timber Item your wanting to change. This will open the Timber List Settings. Then (double click) on the Timber Item and it will automatically open the Price List with the item pre-selected ready to edit.

See Timber List ► Edit Timber Rates to learn more ►

Edit a Timber Rate in the Price List

Go to the Price List ► (Category) Timber ► Select a Group ► Select a Supplier ► Select an Item from the list and apply your changes.

See Price List ► Update Rates to learn more ►

Allocate Timber Types to Timber List Groups

Go to the Timber List Settings ► Allocate Timber Groups. Then search the drop down list for the Timber List Group your wanting to allocate or de-allocate Timber Types for the Group selected. Once you have selected the Timber List Group, then tick the box's beside the Timber Types you want allocated to that Timber List Group.

See Timber List Settings to learn more ►

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