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Cost Schedule Link Reports

The Cost Schedule Link Reports help you find broken links in Cost Schedule Items, so you can repair them. These reports should appear empty when everything is setup correctly. Be sure to have the 'Show Broken Links Only' tick box selected to complete this process. If a broken link is showing, just click on it to locate the item in the Cost Schedule, then repair the link in that item.

Auto QTY EquationsThe Auto QTY report will show incorrect equations in Cost Schedule Items. If a question mark (?) symbol appears in an equation, this means that the previously item used in the equation has been deleted. So your options are to either re-select another item in its place or delete it.
Note: Standard Mathematics rules apply.

See Cost Schedule Item ► Auto QTY's to learn more ►
Cost Centre LinksThe Cost Centre report will show broken links from Cost Schedule Items to Cost Centre Budgets in Cost Control. Make sure these links are setup correctly as this will affect your Cost Control Cost Centre Budgets.

See Cost Schedule Item ► Cost Centre Links to learn more ►
Price List LinksThis report shows the broken Price List (Links) in the Cost Schedule Items. When a Cost Schedule Item is linked to a Price List item, it should have a Category, Group, Item and Supplier selected in the Price List (Link). If an Item is showing Red in the report, it means that, one, two or three of the Price List (Link) fields are empty. You should then re-select each blank field from top to bottom to re-establish the link, or change it to suit your requirements.

See Cost Schedule Item ► Price List (Link) to learn more ►

Change Price List Supplier
This allows you to setup preferred Suppliers pricing for multiple items in the Cost Schedule Work Groups. Once you select a supplier and press Apply, SoloAssist will then search and update all the items of which that supplier has a price for in the SoloAssist Price List. This will automatically update each Items Price List (Link) Supplier with their Rate (ex. GST) and (inc.GST).
Timber List LinksThe Timber List link report will show Cost Schedule Items with broken links to Timber List items. The Timber List Link allows you to price items in the Timber List from a Cost Schedule Item.
NOTE: Timber List Items are linked from the Price List and have Supplier and Groups allocated from the Timber List Settings.

See Cost Schedule Item ► Link to Timber List to learn more ►
See Cost Schedule Item ► Timber List Settings to learn more ►

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