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Suppliers different between 2 or more computers?

SoloAssist uses a database file to store your Suppliers details. By default, each computer has its own database. When you have more than one person working with SoloAssist, you will usually want to use only one Suppliers database and share it with the other computers. The easiest way to share the Suppliers database, is to relocate it into a shared folder on a local network or an offsite server (cloud storage) that is accessed over the internet. E.g. Dropbox, Onedrive, Local office network, etc.

The default location for the Suppliers database file is in This PC ► Documents ► SoloAssist ► Database. If you want to share the database folder with another computer, you need to copy the Database folder to a shared location. Then on each computer, go into the SoloAssist Options menu and change the Database Folder Location to the new shared location.

See FAQs ► File Sharing / Multiple Computers to learn more ►

Cost Centre Budgets

Cost Centre budgets are setup from Cost Schedule Item Links. Cost Schedule Item Material and Labour costs are allocated to Cost Control Cost Centres to calculate a total budget for each job section of materials or labour supply.

The Cost Centre Link report shows the broken links from Cost Schedule Items to Cost Control Cost Centres. Make sure your job costs are allocated to the correct Cost Centre budgets your wanting for running your job. If you can't find your budget allowance where you would expect to find it, it is probably allocate to another Cost Centre.

See Cost Control ► Cost Centres to learn more ►

See Cost Schedule Item ► Cost Centre Links to learn more ►

See Cost Schedule ► Link Reports ► Cost Centre Links to learn more ►


Variations are allocated to Cost Centre budgets from each Variation entered. Un-Approved variations will not show in Cost Control or Progress Payments until they are marked as Approved.Import

Import CSV to Excel

Open Microsoft Excel ► Open New blank workbook ► Go to the Data tab ► Select From Text/CSV (Get & Transform Data) ► then select & open the CSV file your wanting to view & edit ► File Origin 1252: Western European (Windows) ► Delimiter Comma ► Select Load

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