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Cost Control

Adding your Suppliers Invoices against the Cost Centre Budgets will help you track your job costs and cash flow. Click on the Add Invoice button to apply a suppliers invoice against the quoted budgets. The below table will help explain how the Add Invoice window works.

Cost Control is integrated with both MYOB & Xero Accounting software. This means that when you are entering your suppliers invoices into SoloAssist you can also send them into MYOB or Xero as well, therefore completing 2 tasks in a single action!

Expense Invoice

Cost CentreSelect the Cost Centre Budget you want to enter your invoice against.
Supplier GroupSelect the Supplier Group of the Supplier you want of the Invoice.
SupplierSelect the supplier whom the Invoice is from.
Send To - MYOB / XeroTicking this box will allow this Invoice to be setup and sent to MYOB or Xero. After you have filled-in all the Invoice details, then click on the Send To MYOB / Xero » button. NOTE:
MYOB / Xero - SupplierIf you are connected to MYOB and your Supplier card has been linked in the suppliers view, then these details will auto-fill otherwise this field will be unusable.
MYOB / Xero - Expense AccountThis is the suppliers Expense Account which you will allocate your payment to in MYOB or Xero.
If you are connected to MYOB or Xero and your supplier contact details have been setup in the Suppliers view in SoloAssist, then these details will auto-fill, otherwise this field will be unusable.
See Suppliers to learn more ►
MYOB / Xero - Payment AccountThis is your business Payment Account that you have setup in MYOB or Xero in which you pay your bills from.
MYOB / Xero - JobThis will be the Job# or Name you have setup in MYOB or Xero.
DescriptionThis field is used to enter a Description of the invoiced works or Items.
NotesThis field is only used for internal use only. They do not print or send to MYOB / Xero. (Notes are only viewable in this window).
Job #This is the SoloAssist Job # which is setup in Job Details.
See Job Details to learn more ►
Invoice #Enter the Invoice # of the suppliers Invoice.
Date InvoicedThis is the suppliers Invoice date.
Paid By clicking on the RED () Paid you can toggle to () Paid. This will automatically select the Date Paid as the current day date which you can override if required.
Date PaidThis is the date the Invoice was paid.
Payment MethodSelect from the drop down list the method of payment used to pay this invoice.
Transaction Ref. #This field is for entering your Transaction Reference number of the payment made for this invoice.
Cost (ex. GST)This is the Cost (Ex. GST) of the Invoice amount.
GSTThis is the GST amount of the Invoice.
Cost (Inc. GST)This is the Cost (Inc. GST) of the Invoice amount.
Send To MYOB / XeroPressing this button will send your invoice information to MYOB / Xero. It will allow you to send invoice Unpaid or Paid and it will allow you to resend a paid invoice again replacing the Unpaid invoice in MYOB / Xero. Once you have sent a paid invoice the Send To MYOB / Xero » button will disable for that invoice. If you require resending the invoice again, you can right click the Sent to MYOB / Xero () green tick and it will allow you to Mark As Unsent () to Enable the Send To MYOB / Xero button again. This will then show as Sent to MYOB / Xero ().
Next Invoice ►This button allows you to enter another invoice directly after entering the current one. This helps speed up your Invoice's entry time.

User Tips

This green tick means the Invoice has been Sent to MYOB or Xero.
This red cross means the Invoice has not been Sent to MYOB or Xero.
Mark As UnsentYou can change Sent to Unsent by a right click on the Sent to MYOB or Xero () in the New or Edit Invoice window. Then an option will popup allowing you to Mark As Unsent ().

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