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Cost Control

New / Edit Cost Centre

CodeEnter the new Code for this Cost Centre. This is normally setup to cross reference with your expense accounts in your accounting software. (or vice versa) This also shows as a reference on Purchase and Work Orders so you can allocate expenses back to each Cost Centre.
Cost CentreEnter the Name of this Cost Centre. A Cost Centre is a term given to the budget of a specific supplier and or Subcontractors group as a budget to run your job from. A Cost Centre is not a Work Group, as a Work Group can contain many different Cost Centre contributing budgets.
% Complete% Complete only starts getting used once costings are being applied against Cost Centre budget.
Claim AmountThe Claim Amount only gets used for the Lump Sum (% Complete) Claim Method in the Progress Summary. This field calculates only from the entered % Complete. Claim Amount does not get used for standard Progress Payment Claim Stages or the Cost Plus Claim Method.
Contributing Work GroupsContributing Work Groups shows you a break up of where the Cost Centres budget is being allocated from. In the Cost Schedule's Work Groups each Item's Material Cost and or Labour component is allocated to a Cost Centre in Cost Control.
Budget OverrideThe Budget Override allows you to change a Cost Centres Budget from the original cost quoted after the Contract Total has been locked. The difference between the original and new budget will balance in the Cost Control Job Net Profit (located bottom of Cost Control).

NOTE: A Budget Override should only be used after the client has signed your contract and the Contract Total has been locked in SoloAssist. Incorrect use will cause different balances between the Contract Total (located top right-hand corner) and the Cost Control Progress Summary claim reports.
New Budget

Edit Budget

Delete Budget
New Budget allows you to override the existing budget with a Description a Supplier and New Budget Total.

Edit Budget allows you to edit the details of a New Budget Override.

Delete Budget allows you to delete a New Budget Override. This will reset the Budget back to the original allowance or another New Budget Override.

These question mark button are located throughout the software. They are linked directly to the instructions for the current screen or window you currently have open. (Internet connection required).

New Budget

DescriptionEnter a Description for what the Budget Override is for.
Suppliers GroupSelect a Supplier from the Suppliers view using the Supplier Group and Supplier drop down lists.
SupplierSelect a Supplier from the Suppliers view using the Supplier Group and Supplier drop down lists.
Budget (Inc. GST)Enter the New Budget for this Cost Centre. Once the details are entered, make sure the green tick has allocated the correct budget to be used.
TipsTo learn more, see above Budget Override.

Non Job Invoices

Non Job Invoices The Non Job Invoices Cost Centre is for expense Invoices that are not a direct job cost. It is a general business expense that you want to allocate against a job. e.g. New Tools, Sharpening of tools, Tagging of power leads & tool leads, etc.

Progress Summary
Non Job Invoice will normally stay unallocated to a Claim Group in the Progress Summary so you don't accidently claim this amount when using the Lump Sum % Complete or Cost Plus Claim Method. This is normally because it is not a client allocated expense. This expense should already be built into your Cost Schedule Settings ► Business Overheads % or Job Contingency % allowance.

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