TS MacDonald Homes Pty Ltd

“Just a quick note to let you know about my experience using SoloAssist for the last year. Firstly – Thank you!

This program has proven to be both reliable in terms of program stability (never crashes) and in terms of accuracy it has been surprisingly accurate in so many different cost centres. I was sceptical that it would be as accurate – and while I have altered a number of formulas to suit my methods of construction – I have also tried your formula’s against my more manual methods and have found the end result to be very accurate.

We had a block job recently for over 10,000 blocks and the SoloAssist take off was within 50 blocks of the actual required (including 1/2 blocks etc). It has also been extremely accurate for concrete as well as brick supply / labour to within $100 on a job last week for over 12,000 commons – this was using Plan Scan by the way! So I literally spent 15 minutes for this job on brick take offs – great. I have become more confident over the last few months using Plan Scan as well and have progressively found more efficient ways of using this system. The updates have also been great.

Keep up the good work with this system.”

Troy MacDonald


“Specialising in the alterations and additions market for 15 years I have succumb to the long enduring hours of quoting jobs. In the time I have been building there have been many people out there designing and creating quoting packages. I have paid for and used 4 different packages that have cost my business a substantial amount of money and I have had the ever confusing time to learn the programs and remember how they work.

Being a member of the Housing Committee for the QMBA and also product tester for the Master Builders bi-monthly magazine I was asked to test drive the SoloAssist Job Quoting Management program. Within 2 hours of being shown by Aaron how the program worked I was up and away and within 24 hours I had submitted my first quote and subsequently won the job. The great thing about it was the program paid for itself after winning a few jobs.

As a winner of 5 State Awards and 8 Regional Awards I am always endeavoring to get my quotes done on time. I have never been able to quote with the accuracy and speed that SoloAssist provides. From listing items in the Cost Schedule and Timber List and especially keeping track on how the project is running with the Cost Control tab I think SoloAssist is invaluable to my business.

Peter Newcomb

PJC Quality Homes

“In 1980 I started using computers to estimate costs to build houses in the Northern Rivers of NSW, and I am pretty sure I was the first in our area too. We used two floppy discs, one for the data and one for the program.

It was fairly basic but it was better than what I was used to doing to win jobs. Things have progressed a lot since then. I have had four different estimating software programs, the latest being SoloAssist Quoting and Job Management.

The way they have set up the program is quite different than the previous programs I was used too. But in saying that it only took me a short while to understand and be in control. They demonstrated the program to me for about an hour. I decided to buy and have been using SoloAssist now for the last 12 months. Regular updates and improvements are making my life enjoyable in the building industry and at home. If you are considering changing and you need to speak to an experienced builder of 40 years about this program, you can contact me on 0403 290 357.”

Paul Johnston

Calbrooke Constructions Pty Ltd

“We are a small family run new home building company established in 2002. SoloAssist approached us in mid 2006 with the best estimating and job management system I’ve come across. I’ve previously tried other systems only to be left confused and high and dry with little or no back up or support.

Myself with a trade background being typically computer shy I found this system was easy to navigate and back up support is second to none. SoloAssist listen to our suggestions and implement them to maximise the benefits of the system.

I can now produce estimates quickly and accurately and also have the ability to cover all aspects of the running of the job from quotes to purchase orders, work orders and cash flow.

Thank you for listening and assisting my life as a builder to be a happier and more efficient one.”

David Phillips

Grist Renovations

“We are specialist in renovations, and in particular bespoke bathrooms and kitchens and we can say that SoloAssist Quoting and Job Management has helped our business so much and improved our lives. We used to take so long costing out each individual job, but now we have more than halved our time using SoloAssist. We have set up our own templates, which were easy to do and because the look and feel is like a spreadsheet, a format we were familiar with, it was easy to tailor it to our own needs. We would be lost now without SoloAssist, it gives us security in our pricing, also knowing we haven’t left anything out. The format, that uses headings/groups forces us to ask the question “do we need to include this?” and also make sure we have covered even the basic requirements such as insurance for every job. We actually go to bed at a reasonable time now, instead of burning the midnight oil getting quotes together.”

Jo Grist