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Plan Scan

Plan Scan is the latest in software take off tools designed to significantly cut down the time it takes to quote a job while at the same time improve the ease of quoting.

By using your mouse you can measure your quantities on a plan and send them directly into your quote, pricing the job as you go.

Produce fast and accurate quotes. It’s revolutionising the industry!


Plan Scan allows you to import plans as a PDF or from a scanner, in any scale.

With your mouse you can measure most items required, including Areas, Lengths, Counts and Volumes. Plan Scan calculates as you go, and also adds waste if required. You can even measure vertical areas on a Floor Plan, such as wall tiles, internal linings or external cladding.

Measured quantities are automatically sent into your quote and priced.

Why do I need it?

Plan Scan helps you get organised. PDF plans are so common now that it makes sense to work with them directly on your computer. No more paper plans, rulers and calculators.

Colour coding helps minimize mistakes, and you can print the plan with all workings and a colour coded legend. How professional will your next quote look?

Quote 10x faster, and keep a tidy desk at the same time!