About Us

Founded by an experienced builder with a passion to employ faster and more accurate systems, SoloAssist has evolved from a construction company’s in-house estimating tool to a nationally recognised software development company. We are dedicated to providing effective user friendly quoting and job management estimating software. SoloAssist’s innovative outlook for creating estimating solutions within the building industry has gained popularity as the product built by industry for industry.

Our Business philosophy is simple, but effective. We provide the user with a simple, relevant, efficient and user friendly system. This is achieved by recognising the needs of Building Contractors and Sub-Contractors, and the increasing need to utilise technology within the industry to improve business systems and remain competitive.

Mission Statement

“To make SoloAssist the Leading Brand in Estimating Software”

We will:

  • Deliver the highest level of consistent quality in all products and services.
  • Excel in all forms of communication, both internal, external and relationship building.
  • Research, understand and anticipate our market, customers and competitors and respond with innovative solutions.
  • Create an enjoyable and safe work environment with a culture of excellence and integrity.
  • Develop and maintain a transparent organisation clearly defining all relationships, responsibilities and processes.
  • Ensure that outstanding service and support turns our customers into advocates.
  • Identify new opportunities to add value to the customer by combining existing skills, resources and relationships.
  • Endeavour to meet expectations that engenders loyalty, and to move forward in an ever changing industry in both pricing and technology.

The years ahead will be both challenging and exciting for SoloAssist. Industry demand and market forces will require us to be alert, resilient and highly competitive across all activities.

To meet these and many other challenges, the adoption of the SoloAssist Mission Statement alone will not guarantee these aims and challenges are met. It will require our collective commitment to ensure that SoloAssist remains a dynamic and effective tool for accomplishing our, and your, goals.